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2nd Appearance of Weapon H

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 The Hunt for Weapon H - Part 2 
Logan’s hope that they could talk was instantly gone when the Hulkverine attacked. Instead of attacking all 5 members of the team directly he smashes a nearby boulder to create a diversion. The sound deafens them, the smoke blinds them and the dust covers up their sense of smell. In the chaos he attacks Warpath, impaling him on his massive Adamantium claws then pummeling him into the ground.

When Sabretooth attacks Weapon H kicks him in the crouch sending him miles away. It is a field goal kick that would be good from 5 miles away.

Domino takes her turn at Weapon H, laying down a rapid fire barrage of bullets. He blocks some of the bullets with his claws sending them ricocheting in all directions. The bullets that make it through just bounce off, even the one that hits his eyeball.

The old Wolverine tries to stop him only to be skewered and then held under water until he passes out.

Domino is surveying the scene when she is hit with the unconscious body of Logan, as Weapon H leaps away.

Watching from some distance away Dr. Alba is happy to see her creation easily beat 5 mutants at once. Stryker threatens to kill her but she isn’t worried because she knows where he is going.

On the transport Domino is tending to the injured and wondering how she is the only one not hurt. Logan argues that Weapon H didn’t hurt her because she doesn’t have a healing factor and because he viewed her as the lowest threat. Logan believes that he can talk to Weapon H because of his moral code.

Hundreds of miles away, Weapon H is reliving a horrible memory about his Eaglestar brothers beating him. He arrives at a cabin, his dream house, and envisions his wife and twin sons. He is awaken from this vision when he’s shot in the shoulder by someone from the Eaglestar Corporation. The 6 people in the room threaten to blow his head off if he doesn’t leave. Clay thinks about transforming into Weapon H but then decides that he can handle these guys as Clay, which he does.

At a NSA “black site”, the team is trying to track down something on Weapon H. They determine that Eaglestar Corporation set some kind of computer worm out to wipe away any record.

In a remote region of Wyoming, Sabretooth, Wolverine and Warpath walk toward a cabin. Sabretooth is tired of Logan being the leader of the group so he kicks him in the back. Before Logan can respond, the all-new Wolverine lays some claw marks on Victor’s face.
- Ron C.
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