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Meanwhile, in the Hall of Justice...

Site Administrators and Moderators

Maintaining one of the largest online databases of comic books is no easy task, and we rely heavily on our fans to help provide corrections and updates on our books. To help curate this information, we also invite trusted fans and members to participate as Site Administrators and Moderators.

As a Site Administrator / Moderator, these individuals are able to utilize specialized tools to confirm or fix data in the system while ensuring that our members follow the rules and submit proper data.

All Admins / Moderators receive free all access Gold accounts to CPG.

If you have an interest in helping us update the database and keep our collections up to date, please fill out the following application:

Site Updates

One of the goals of our most recent website upgrade was to offer you, our valued members, complete transparency to our site changes and plans for future development. We've worked around the clock to continue to improve upon our design, and fix bugs, errors, and difficult UI that resulted from the changes.

Please continue to submit your bug reports and suggestions - we read them all. Check back here to see the status of some of our most common requests, as well as our roadmap for "coming soon" development plans.

January 29, 2015

  • Adult issues are now blocked from showing images unless you are logged into the site

January 16, 2015

  • Ability to remove books from collection even if they're on sale
  • Ability to manipulate collection and edit books directly from the search
  • Improved UI when manipulating book details
  • Improved search styling and design
  • Fixed broken searches for issues numbered "1/2" or "One Million"

December 31, 2014

  • Ability to view Sent messages

December 16, 2014

  • Individual Pages Overhaul
  • IE7/IE8 Fixes
  • Introduction of the Megacomputer

December 3, 2014

  • Fixed issue with adding 0.5 graded books
  • Added icons to distinguish between graded/non-graded when viewing your issues
  • Improved sales listing view when looking at individual book listings
  • Ability to filter Graded/Nongraded issues on your My Issues tab

November 14, 2014

  • Ability to show your cover scans on your sale items instead of stock scan
  • Added security for personal cover scans views.

November 12, 2014

  • Added Series Notes back to the listings
  • UI Improvements on the ability to manage your own cover uploads
  • Display case upgrades and style updates
  • Fixed issue with apostrophes breaking searches (i.e. World's Finest)
  • Fixed issue with large file downloads showing as corrupt

November 6, 2014

  • You can now print your want lists
  • Search for 'FF' previously did not return proper results
  • Introducing the 'Display Case'. More to come soon.

October 30, 2014

  • FAQs moved to a new page
  • Admin improvements to improve our processing speed
  • Fixed an issue with Want Lists not allowing removal

October 24, 2014

  • Pinning menus open now keeps them open even when you switch titles.
  • Mobile search improvements
  • When you add a "Run" of books, it takes the Add Issue Details and Add to Specific Box values.

October 16, 2014

  • Improved Limbo Box "Past Due" management
  • When creating a classified listing, you can now import directly from eBay
  • Classifieds include listings from eBay

October 8, 2014

  • Fixed issue with header not showing when using smaller resolution monitors
  • Message formatting adjusted to improve sales process
  • You can now mark items in your Limbo Box as "Past Due" if buyer/seller has been non-responsive. We will be tracking this information and removing accounts that appear dead/inactive.
  • When you receive emails about offers, you can now click a link to go straight to the offers from your email
  • You can now upload custom cover scans for your books. This will be used in the future for sales listings and display cases for members. For now, you can simply enjoy seeing your own issue covers in your collection.

September 16, 2014

  • Fixed the "Back" button functionality on searches so when you use the back button on your browser, the site remembers the page you were on, and your last search. Functionality will be extended to additional pages throughout the site. At this time, this will work only in modern browsers (Chrome, FF, IE10+)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented downloading of Graded Comics
  • You can now add cover scans on the issue page, like you could on the previous version.
  • Book values now shown on "Issue Profile" tab, eliminating the extra, unnecessary click.
  • You can now interact and add books to your collection directly from the search page
  • Search by "All Words" and "Any Words" options now available to improve searchability
  • Drastic fixes and changes to mobile display of site. Toolbar functionality is much better.
  • You can now print a list by box, not just publisher
  • Improved account upgrade functionality when using PayPal

Accepted and Coming Soon

  • Show cumulative gain/losses for personal collections
  • Tool for bulk adding comics to your collection quickly and efficiently
  • Adding a run of books should use set issue values
  • Put the CPG value of a book directly on the book sale page
  • Allow users to submit Story Arc and Issue Notes data
  • Improve box navigation from the Member Toolbar
  • Add recent price changes directly to "My Issues" tab
  • Way to show only "Key" issues for a given title
  • Add "Unsorted" Comics to box management page
  • Allow for editing data using the "Multi-Selection" tool
  • Add "Tracking Number" to "Mark Sent"
  • Allow seller to track sales price when sold away from CPG

Accepted for Future Release

  • If search has one result, take user directly to that result
  • Track and reward users for contributing to our database (we're keeping this data already, we just need to find a fun way to display and use it!)
  • Sort by publisher on the New Issues Added page
  • Show book's historical value over time
  • "Print All" option for exporting collections to excel datasheets
  • Better export tools to allow users to export their data to spreadsheets and interact with it offline
  • PayPal account linking for sellers
  • Add ability to track "Signed by" status for issues (will not affect values)
  • Create standard, default sales terms for use on multiple listings
  • Ability to sell an entire box
  • Allow searches by date range

Now located in downtown Indianapolis, ComicsPriceGuide.com is comprised of a team of passionate comic book enthusiasts, who are just as passionate about technology.

Started in 1995 as a tribute to the memory of Tim Beck, a close childhood friend of founder Bryan Neely, who unfortunately passed away from complications due to leukemia at the age of 25.

From the early days of their friendship, they were both focused on the world of comic reading and collecting. Their entire world revolved around this hobby. It didn't stop even while Bryan was going to college. At Ball State university, Bryan created the very first percursor of ComicsPriceGuide.com. Initially it was named MarvelWorld and featured only data and related information exclusively on Marvel Comics.

Fast-forward 18 years and ComicsPriceGuide.com has become the world's largest and most accurate online community for obtaining comic book value information. In addition to serving over 700,000 users value data, our message boards and blogs have become the go-to-source and authority for connecting comic book enthusiasts.

Our values remain simple, but our technology is not. Using a proprietary value algorithm, paired with dedicated comic enthusiasts, we are able to preserve real sales data to get up-to-the minute comic book value information.

Our People

  • Bryan Neely - Founder and CEO

    Bryan Neely

    Founder and CEO

  • Larry Zore - President

    Larry Zore


  • Rick Frogge - Marketing & Promotions Director

    Rick Frogge

    Marketing & Promotions Director

  • Stephan Friedt - Senior Administrator

    Stephan Friedt

    Senior Administrator

  • Shawn Smith - Web Designer

    Shawn Smith

    UI/UX Web Designer

  • Heather Hall

    Heather Hall

    Office Manager

  • John Hurley

    John Hurley

    Board Member

Assistant Administrators

Earl Davis


Murray Clark


Mike Ballard


Julian Staros


David Layman


Forum Moderators

Richard Lopex



Top reasons why our team thinks you may like to work with us:

  • Your opinion will not only be valued, it will be sought.
  • We're building a business of global scale.
  • We offer a sociable work environment with lots of independence.
  • You’ll be involved throughout the development lifecycle.
  • We offer highly competitive salaries based on experience.
  • Benefits available.
  • Plenty of Caffeine and Snacks.
  • Cool computers and even cooler office.

So, if this sounds like a good fit, please take a look at our available positions below or send your resumes to careers@comicspriceguide.com.

Customer Service Line: 1-866-982-6642
We are generally in office 9am-5pm EST, Mon - Fri. If we do not pick up, please leave a detailed message and we will return your call.

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