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 The Hunt for Weapon H - Conclusion 
Picking up from the last issue, Hulkverine has Laura Kinney pinned against the ground with his massive claws. Domino and Logan rush to her aid. Logan slices Weapon H’s calves to slow him down and then goes for his eyes to blind him. Even that doesn’t stop Hulkverine from pummeling Logan into the pavement.

The evil Doctor Alba demands that Weapon H kill all 563,000 people within a 2 mile radius. Even for a psychopath that’s a little much.

On the Olympus Group Airship, Warpath, Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth are closing in on the scene. In a partial insane act, Sabretooth has decided to strap the incomplete cyborg remains of Rev. Stryker to the plane’s power core. He wants to explode the power core to kill Weapon H and half the population.

Back on the ground, Domino has her own crazy plan to stop Weapon H. She has civilians go to an area and then send Hulkverine in the same direction. Her plan is to trap him before he gets to the innocents with an overhead crane. Which works for a while.

Logan and Wolverine smell something strange on Doctor Alba and go to investigate. Laura finds some weird needle attached to Dr. Alba’s tongue, that she uses to control the Big Fella.

Crazy man Sabretooth lands with the mutant hating Stryker attached to the power core. Laura Kinney battles Sabretooth to prevent the death and destruction of Sabretooth’s die first plan.

Wolverine tries to reason with Weapon H while Domino fires a nanite strain at Hulkverine to reset him. When Dr. Alba demands that he kill the city, Weapon H jumps away and Logan follows on a motorcycle.

At a nearby Eaglestar base, Logan finds several soldiers unconscious and Weapon H in Clay’s form. Logan tries to give him advice about finding your past and all the trouble that can cause. Clay knows that he has a wife and two kids but his memory is weak and incomplete. So he has decided to destroy the Eaglestar computers to keep anyone from blackmailing him with his family.

Weapon H leaves with this quote, “No one’s got anything to fear from me ever again…unless you cross me.”

At the X-club headquarters in Costa Rica, Dr. Alba is held captive in a small cell. Logan tells her that she can go back to Texas where she is likely to get executed for the 123 test subjects that she murdered or she can stay in this facility forever. Dr. Alba figures out that she is being held in the X-club center for scientific endeavors and asks for a lab and Ph D’s for assistants. Dr. Rao assures her that she isn’t going anywhere or getting anything.

On the last page we hear a prayer from a tent revival in Nebraska. Standing in the front saying the prayer is Rev. Stryker. Leaving the question, what does it take to kill this guy?
- Ron C.
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