THOR #133
Marvel | Back To Thor | October 1966 | Volume 1 | USA | 247 Owned
Ego Origin

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October 1966
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     Behold...The Living Planet! 

    Thor and the Rigellian Recorder have traveled into the "Bio-Verse" where they meet Ego the Living Planet. Wanting to have a dialogue with with the two visitors, Ego changes his environment to one that the two visitors find familiar, and creating a Asgardian themed Avatar to show them around, as well as give them a show of his vast powers.

    While on Earth, Jane Foster and Porga have arrived in a European town where they dine and talk about whom Porga is seeking. Porga decides to wait until his colleague Count Tagar arrives to tell her anymore. When Tagar arrives, he is at first uninterested in the woman's presence however changes his mind upon hearing that Jane is a nurse and finds her medical skill a potential use to them. Tagar then explains to Jane that they are seeking out a man known as the High Evolutionary.

    While back on Ego the living planet, Ego explains to Thor that he intends to beat Thor in combat, rationalizing if he can defeat the Thunder God, then nothing can stop him from taking over the world. Dissolving his avatar, Ego forms an army of anti-bodies to battle Thor and the Recorder. Forced with fighting these mindless drones and deal with Ego constantly shifting the planets shape. Fighting off the anti-bodies, Thor and the Recorder are then sucked into the arterized tunnels of Ego's being.

    Meanwhile, on Earth, Tana Nile has arrived at a local police station demanding that the Chief of police surrender the world over to her. The officer doesn't believe her colonization stake on the planet and so to prove it to him she commands the Command Planet and orders them to increase the speed of the Space Lock on the Earth, a request which is denied by the ruling Rigelians who also provide no answer behind their actions. While back on Ego, Thor recovers the Recorder and then casts a powerful spell to create a thunderstorm on Ego that causes him significant damage. Ego then considers the contest won and Thor the victor and allows the Thunder God and the Recorder safe passage out the Black Galaxy, telling Thor that any means of entry into his Bio-Verse will be barred in the future. Thor then speeds back to Rigellian space in order to free the Earth
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