THOR #132
Marvel | Back To Thor | September 1966 | Volume 1 | USA | 286 Owned
First Appearance of Ego

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September 1966
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  • 1st Appearance of "EGO the Living Planet"
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 Where Gods May Fear To Tread! 

1st appearance Rigellian "Grand Commissioner"
1st appearance "EGO the Living Planet"
Rocketing towards the planet Rigel in a Rigellian ship, Thor hopes to stop the Rigellian colonization of the planet Earth. Along the way he is intercepted by a Rigellian Sky-Station which demands he identify himself. Thor demands that they release their Space Lock on the Earth. Instead of complying with the Thunder God's demands, the Rigellians aboard the Sky-Station board his shop instead. The aliens rely on their superior forcefield technology to try and stop Thor, however this does not work and he easily defeats them in battle with his hammer. He then forces this crew to take him the rest of the way to Rigel.

While on Earth, the Rigellian Colonizer Tana Nile uses her vast mental powers to get a police escort to the United Nations building.

Back on the planet Rigel, the Rigellian Colonizers send a robot Indestructible to deal with Thor. The robot blasts it's way aboard his ship and engages in battle against the Thunder God. As the fight rages, with Thor being unable to stop the robot, not until Thor turns it's own disintegration device on itself, deactivating it. Thor demands the vessel go further, when the ship is struck from a bolt of energy from the Black Galaxy, destroying part of their vessel.

When the Rigellian Colonization Controller learns of Thor's progress, he decides to get involved directly and goes to the Power Planet, the planetoid that controls their Space Lock to insure that it is protected at all costs. Thor arrives shortly after and makes short work of the Rigellians and is about to destroy their Space Lock device when he is stopped by the Grand Commissioner.

The Grand Comissioner explains that there is a far greater menace in the universe coming out of the Black Galaxy. The Grand Commissioner informs Thor that if he ventures into the Black Galaxy and eliminates this threat, they will free the Earth from their control. Thor agrees to do so, and the Rigellians ask that Thor take one of their Recorder robots to document his travels.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Jane Foster (still acting on the hypnotic suggestion of Tana Nile) is on an air plane to Europe. She confides in her fellow man -- a piggish looking man named Porga -- that she felt compelled to take this flight, a sensation that he himself can relate too.

While back in space, Thor and the Recorder robot travel into the Black Galaxy and find that it is structured in an almost organic fashion, dubbed by the Recorder as a "Bio-Verse." Following their navigation they come before Ego the living planet, who tells the two that it has been waiting for them.
 The Dark Horse of Death! 

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