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1st Appearance of Boomerang

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July 1966
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  • * 1st Appearance of The "SECRET EMPIRE" * 1st Appearance of "BOOMERANG" (Frederick Myers)
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 * When A Monarch Goes MAD! * The STAGE Is SET! 

* 1st Appearance "SECRET EMPIRE"
* 1st Appearance "BOOMERANG" (Frederick Myers)

STORY 1: Namor is furious at the news that Lady Dorma has gone off to marry the exiled Warlord Krang, unaware of the fact that she has been blackmailed to do so, left to believe that Krang has control over the Behemoth creature, unaware that Namor had recently defeated the creature. Lord Vashti tries to talk sense into Namor, attempting to get him to realize that she must have had a reason to go with Krang. the Sub-Mariner however is too furious to listen to any of Vashti's advice.

His anger getting the better of him, Namor decrees that to speak Lady Dorma's name is forbidden and then has one of her known living relatives to be locked away in the dungeon for nothing more than being related to Lady Dorma. Vashti becomes more concerned as Namor completely loses his temper, making the elderly adviser wonder if this will spell the end of Atlantis. The Sub-Mariner attempts to calm his rage by using his strength to smash things but cannot shake his desire for vengeance. Deciding that he must have it, he attempts to track Krang's submarine but finds not a trace of Krang. Namor orders his armies to go out and seek and destroy Lord Krang on sight.
Krang has managed to block the detecting rays of Atlantis' Observa-Coils with a special blocking device. Deciding that they need to retreat to the surface, Krang and Droma expose themselves to a special gas that allows them to breath outside of water and head to the surface, giving away their cover. Learning that Dorma and Krang intend to go to the surface world, the Sub-Mariner races after them in the hopes of getting the vengeance he believes the deserves.

STORY 2: A terrorist organization known as the Secret Empire has hired Fred Myers, The "Boomerang", to steal the Orion Missile, hoping to avoid confrontation with the Hulk. Deep below the Earth's surface, Bruce Banner tries to find his way out of the underground world. Running into the aged Tyrannus, Banner manages to coerce the old man into revealing that his matter transference device will get him back to the surface. Banner heads towards the device, but has to wade through the combating forces of Tyrannus and the Mole Man.
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