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February 1968
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  • 1st Appearance of Whitney Frost and mention of her real identity aka: (Giuletta Kristina Nefaria)
  • The ORIGINAL title of this Issue was "CAP Vs. The BLACK PANTHER" The word Black was removed at last minute to avoid confusion with the ("Black Panther" Party) political organization founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in October 1966
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Stories May contain spoliers
 "The Claws of the Panther!" 

Answering a distress call to come to Wakanda to stop a menace that has ties to Cap's past by the Black Panther, Captain America is aboard a ship en route to the African nation of Wakanda to lend his help, however he is almost shot out of the sky by a ray blast from space. Just managing to make a safe landing, Captain America is approached by the Black Panther and his followers. Not wanting to risk being caught in a trap, Cap attacks the Black Panther and the two fight it out until they realized both are who they truly are.

Meanwhile elsewhere, the mysterious leader of the Wakandan invaders is furious that his scientists failed to kill Captain America with their solar ray. In one final attempt to redeem themselves (or face death) they promise to initiate Plan Red in order to destroy Captain America and the Black Panther. Back with Captain America and the Black Panther, the Panther allows Cap to see the solar ray weapon with a telescopt from space. The two decide to attack the invaders head on, striking the control center which is hidden somewhere in Wakanda. Along the way they attack a group of soldiers, and are knocked out by their stun rays. Elsewhere, Agent-13, disguised as female spy Irma Kruhl, arrives in Wakanda to infiltrate the invaders group, convincing them that she is really Irma and joining their ranks with the intention of bringing them down from the inside.

A short time later, Captain America and Black Panther come around to find themselves alone, however as they charge further into the jungle to get to the base, they run right into the enemies trap, a giant pit which they fall into. They are then cocnfronted by the leader of the invasion: Baron Zemo...
 "The Warrior And The Whip!" 

In order to square his debts with the Maggia, Morgan Stark (Tony's cousin) has hand delivered Iron Man to the Maggia's leader the Big M, aboard Maggia run cruise ship (and illegal casino) just past the boarder into international waters. There, Iron Man has been locked into a room to face the Maggia's costumed assassin: Whiplash.After a brief scuffle where the weakened Iron Man is injured by Whiplash's electrified whip, Iron Man decides to buy himself some time by using his hologram projector to confuse Whiplash with duplicate images of the golden avenger. Back at Stark Industries, SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell has learned that Iron Man was carried off the scene by Morgan Stark. After radioing in for information from SHIELD HQ, Jasper is ordered to handle the situation of finding Iron Man on his own. Jasper also has the task of wading through Tony's various female admirers, particularly a mysterious woman in a fedora who has taken specific interest in the situation.

Back aboard the Maggia vessel, the batteries finally run out on Iron Man's holographic projector, with the true Iron Man revealed, the Big M orders Whiplash to finish Iron Man off once and for all..
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Comic Cover for Tales Of Suspense (#98)
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