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1st Appearance of Whiplash

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January 1968
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  • 1st APPEARANCE of "WHIPLASH" (Marco Scarlotti)
  • 1st APPEARANCE of "BIG M" (Giuletta Nefaria) later becomes "MADAME MASQUE"
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Stories May contain spoliers
 * The Coming of WHIPLASH! * And So It BEGINS--! 

* 1st APPEARANCE "WHIPLASH" (Marco Scarlotti)
* 1st APPEARANCE "BIG M" (Giuletta Nefaria) later becomes "MADAME MASQUE"
STORY 1: In order to defeat the Grey Gargoyle, Iron Man put his chest plate at risk and now, in order to save his life, SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell is attempting to remove Iron Man's mask. When even a miniature explosive proves incapable of removing the helmet, Sitwell leaves the scene to find Tony Stark to aid in saving Iron Man's life (little does Sitwell know that Stark is really Iron Man.)
Meanwhile, aboard an illegal casino on a cruise ship just over the boarder into international water, Morgan Stark (Tony's cousin) has gotten himself deeply in debt to the Maggia (who operate the ship), and he is brought to their leader, the Big M.

In order to square his debts with the Maggia he offers to bring them Iron Man, given that Morgan is the only surviving relative of Stark, they figure he has a chance. However, they inform him that if he fails he will be at the mercy of their costumed assassin: Whiplash.

Traveling to Stark Industries, Morgan manages to get past security due to his relation to Tony, and makes off the scene with Iron Man's body with a half-baked story about being there on his cousins behalf. Conscious, Iron Man soon becomes aware of Morgan's plot to betray him when Morgan is boasting out loud while driving back to the docks. As Morgan's attention is turned towards driving, Iron Man plugs in his recharger in a back seat cigarette lighter adapter to recharge his armor.

Allowing himself to be brought before the Big M, Iron Man springs up and makes short work of the Big M's goons, however, in the fight Iron Man gets himself sealed in the room where the Big M puts those that Whiplash is to handle.
As Iron Man tries to get out, Whiplash enters to deal with the golden avenger.

STORY 2: When answering a call for help, Captain America soon realizes that he has walked into a trap setup by the crime syndicate which is trying to rub him out. After making quick work of the thugs that were hired to eliminated him, Cap reflects that this is the price he must pay to be Captain America.

Meanwhile in Wakanda, the Black Panther finds that one of his outposts has been ambushed and wiped out. He soon finds a group of costumed and armed soldiers prowling the jungles and attacks them. They are quickly able to neutrilize his attack.

Back in the States, Cap is at the local police precinct where he identifies his attackers for the police and is driven home where he thinks about Agent-13, and how she hasn't returned any of his calls. While he thinks about this, Agent-13 has just succeeded in taking the place of female spy Irma Kruhl for a secret mission for Nick Fury.
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