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May 1966
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     Ultimo Lives! 

    The Mandarin and his prisoner Tony Stark converse in his castle and the Mandarin explains construction of the giant android called Ultimo born in a volcano. Tony, here, is playing for time in talking up the madman and it nearly works as the Mandarin grows bored with his captive and thinks he has killed him off with a single blast from his power rings when he feels he must move on. This ruse plus the armor plate on Stark's chest allows Tony to slip away into the castle and to the moat where the Iron Man armor, in its attach? case, lays at its bottom. The Mandarin, for his part, is preoccupied by directing his android with the aid of a television monitor to attack the Red Chinese troops preparing to attack his fortress. The enormous Ultimo makes quick work of the troops as it is bulletproof and apart from the strength to match its size, it also has the ability to shoot from its eyes lethal beams of energy. Tony Stark has no trouble finding the armor once free from the fortress and arrives on the scene of Ultimo's fight with the troops as Iron Man and comes under attack. Back to the US, Senator Byrd meets with his committee to order the shutting of Stark Industries until such a time as Tony Stark appears before them in the capital to answer their questions about Iron Man. Back in Red China, Iron Man seems at first to be agile enough to dodge his opponent's varied assaults but the issue concludes with Iron Man caught in Ultimo's grasp.
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    Comic Cover for Tales Of Suspense (#77)
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