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 *Here Lies Hidden...The Unspeakable ULTIMO! *The GLADIATOR, The GIRL, and The GLORY! 

1st Appearance "ULTIMO"
As Iron Man says "My luck held out! Another few seconds would have meant the end" the Enervation Intensifier, despite overloading and near cooking Tony Stark in his armor, does the job of reversing the transformation of Happy Hogan into the Freak. Happy recovers to his normal physical state but with amnesia. As Tony extracts himself from his energy heated armor in relief that both Happy and he are alive from his desperate operation. Senator Byrd and his police escort track the last appearance of the Freak to the operation room. The police shatter the doors to the room of the Enervation Intensifier machine where the transformation drama had just unfolded and the Senator orders the police to take Tony Stark into custody as he is holding a subpoena for testimony about Iron Man and goes on to accuse Stark of having master-minded an attack on his person on top of his irresponsible playboy attitudes toward such serious national concerns. Tony has no choice but to comply and leaves the disoriented Happy in the care of Pepper. As the police car that is carrying Stark and Byrd is zapped by a pursuant energy burst that dematerializes the moving vehicle for only an instant. That instant however is all that is needed as Tony Stark is transported through a time/space continuum to the lair of the Mandarin. The Mandarin himself seems a bit surprised as he was expecting to have transported Iron Man not Tony Stark to his witness his latest plot unfold toward world conquest. The evil genius however contents himself that Iron Man's employer and the West's foremost arms inventor is there to see him unleash a behemoth of a creature called Ultimo upon the world. As Stark calculates how and when he will be able to use his attach? case containing his armor to become Iron Man he finds himself stripped of the suspicious case as the Mandarin's power ring propels it from out of the window and into the castle's moat below.
Captain America has got himself involved in the a SHIELD operation to exchange the volatile chemical Inferno 42 which has gotten him into conflict with Batroc the Leaper, who seeks to obtain the chemical for his employers. During their combat, they've accidentally exposed the chemical to the air causing it to become active, and the female SHIELD agent (who resembles somebody from Cap's past) has run off with it, unaware that it will soon explode with enough force to destroy all of New York City.

During her escape, the girl is soon weakened from exposure to Inferno 42, and Batroc and Cap manage to catch up to her. Batroc and Cap fight it out over possession of the chemical, and Batroc manages to obtain it himself. However when he brings it back to his employers who encase the cylinder in a container that would make it dormant again, Cap arrives and battles Batroc to the point where Batroc and his employers make a grand escape.
Rushing back to the girl, he finds that she is being carried away in an ambulance for treatment, where she tells Cap that their mission was a success because while Cap and Batroc were fighting, she managed to switch the cylinder of Inferno 42 with a fake.
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