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1st Appearance of Captain Cold (Leonard Snart)

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June 1957
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  • 1st APPEARANCE of “CAPTAIN COLD” (Leonard Snart)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 The Secret of the Empty Box! 

When a giant box appears mysteriously in the city, everyone is curious of it's origins, Iris is sent to cover the story. After being informed of the box's existence, Barry decides to search the city for clues of the boxes creator by traveling around the city at super-speed as the Flash.

The Flash soon becomes aware of a number of masked criminals who are using the giant box (Which contains other smaller boxes inside) to keep people distracted while they pull off heists. With each encounter, the masked crooks try to escape using various escape devices, but the Flash ultimately catches them all. Stopping the final crook and tying him up, the Flash leaves him to be found when the police find that inside all the boxes is a passage to the very bank vault that the crooks were looking to heist.
 The Coldest Man on Earth! 

Len Snart was a down on his luck guy until one day, after reading a newspaper story that theorized that a cyclotron could possibly stop the Flash, Snart breaks into a science lab and uses the Cyclotron on a weapon of his own devising. Mostly by accident, Snart creates a freezing weapon that leads to the birth of his costumed identity: Captain Cold.

As Cold, Snart hopes to use his cold gun (and its abilities to create mirages) against the Flash and defeat the worlds fastest man. Going up against the Flash, Captain Cold's weapon works at first disorientating the Flash. However, Flash figures out the truth behind Cold's powers and is able to stop him by spinning him around at super speed, and turns him over to the police.
 The Race From Wheel and Kneel! 

Story reprinted from All-Star Comics #53
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