Power Man #32

Marvel | Back To Power Man | June 1976 | Volume 1 | USA | 0 Owned
1st Appearance of Wildfire (Harold Paprika)

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June 1976
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp B55 - Mighty Thor
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 The FIRE This Time! 

A racist calling himself Wildfire is terrorizing a black family in Jamaica, New York. Luke is hired to protect this family from Wildfire’s threats and blow torch. While Luke Cage and Wildfire battle on the well-manicured front lawn, the Simmons family escape out a side door. When Auggie Simmons, the mother, rushes from their burning house she implores her neighbors in the street to call the fire department. They look at her blankly without moving.

Meanwhile in the yard Wildfire has a double barrel blowtorch aimed at Luke’s face. Wildfire complains about the newspaper and television shows who only talk about black rights and not his rights. As Wildfire’s monologue continues Alex Simmons realizes that Luke needs his help. Alex sneaks up on Wildfire as Luke continues to stall him. An older lady in the crowd intentionally alerts Wildfire to the threat presented by Alex Simmons. Wildfire is able to grab Alex and toss him into Luke Cage while he makes an escape.

As the firemen extinguish the flames the Simmons family decides to stay and not be threatened to move by a maniac.

Luke Cage and detective Quentin Chase exchange some barbs at the Gem Theatre before Chase tells his wife that he’s working late. Later that night, Luke finds out that Chase followed him to his stake-out of the Simmon’s house.

In a nearby house, the home of Harold and Ethyl Paprika, Ethyl watches television while Harold heads out with a case. Enclosed in that case is the costume of Wildfire and his double barrel blowtorch. Interrupting their stake-out Wildfire lights the tree they are in on fire. Luke’s weight carries him through the Simmon’s roof. He tells them all to get out and then meets Wildfire at the Simmon’s door. In the process of fighting the Simmon’s house is again set on fire but this time their son dies in the flames. Shocked by the death of a child, Wildfire apologizes because he was only trying to scare them out of his neighborhood. Luke knocks him out.
- Ron C.

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