NYX #6
Marvel | Back To Nyx | September 2005 | Volume 1 | USA | 163 Owned

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September 2005
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     "Wannabe Part 6" 

    Synopsis for "Wannabe Part 6"

    Felon (Bobby Soul) (First appearance)
    Lil' Bro (First appearance)

    Zebra Daddy hires a mutant called Felon to find X-23. Felon reluctantly agrees to do the job since he will earn enough to move him and his physically challenged little brother to Vegas. Kiden, X-23, Mrs. Palmer and Tatiana are currently using an abandoned warehouse in Manhattan for a base of operations. Tatiana leaves the group and returns home briefly to discover the animals that were once her friends have now turned against her. Felon gets the address to Mrs. Palmer’s apartments and relays the information to Zebra Daddy who gets a few of his men to go over and wreck the apartment. Mrs. Palmer reveals to Kiden that she blames Kiden for her current living conditions. Kiden Nixon finds a day planner in a dumpster which contains drugs and an envelope clipped to the inside cover. Based on Felon’s advice Zebra Daddy stations two of his men at Mrs. Palmer’s apartment in case the girls return there.
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