NYX #5
Marvel | Back To Nyx | September 2004 | Volume 1 | USA | 203 Owned

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September 2004
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     "Wannabe Part 5" 

    Synopsis for "Wannabe Part 5"

    Kiden and Cameron go to the address that Kiden’s father has given them to find a dead John and a scared X-23. They take X-23 back to Cameron’s apartment. But another working girl has reported their location to Daddy. Kiden has another vision of her father and is told to leave the apartment. The trio makes their way down the fire escape as Daddy and some of his muscle arrive and shoot up the place. The trio find an alleyway to rest in. Tatiana is on her way to school when she sees a small brown and white dog get hit by a car. The car stops and the driver loans her his tie to stop the bleeding from the animal’s leg. The man then drives them to the local animal hospital where Tatiana volunteers. This makes Tatiana Cabian very late for class. This same morning finds Kiden scrounging for food in a dumpster. She sees her dead father and he gives her yet another mission. The trio catches a ride on a train car in search of the street her father told her about. Meanwhile at school, things are not going well for Tatiana. There is a bad smell in the classroom and she starts to hear what the other students think of her in her head. She gets sick and falls from her desk to the floor and begins to vomit. As the teacher turns from the board to see what is going on, she transforms in a half-human/ half-canine creature in front of all of them. The students react with anger, fear and outrage and chase her from the school and through the streets. A gang armed with baseball bats joins on the chase. The chase goes down the street Kiden Nixon , Cameron and X-23 are on after they leave the train. Toward the end of the chase the creature transforms back into Tatiana. She is frightened and heads down a dead end alleyway. She is cornered there by the angry mob. The trio rush to help but arrive on the scene as the angry mob leaves, running for their very lives. At the end of the alleyway is a large black feline creature. X-23 calms the scared mutant down and leads Tatiana away from the small dead body of the black cat in the alleyway.
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    Comic Cover for Nyx (#5)
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