Marvel | Back To Marvel Super-Heroes | March 1968 | Volume 1 | USA | 161 Owned
1st Appearance of Carol Danvers, 2nd Appearance of Captain Marvel

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March 1968
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  • 1st Appearance of "CAROL DANVERS"
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 Where Stalks The Sentry! 

This issue features the first appearance of Carol Danvers, who is destined to become the super-heroine known as Ms. Marvel.

In his hotel room Mar-Vell finishes converting his Uni-Beam into a wrist blaster and heads back to the Kree Star Ship for a fresh supply of breathing potions. The hotel clerk is suspicious as to why he is leaving in the middle of the night and about his strange metallic carry-all cylinder. Mar-Vell flies towards the approaching Kree ship using his jet belt but inside Yon-Rogg attempts to “accidentally” activate the ship’s laser beams, hoping to destroy his rival. Medic Una spots Yon-Rogg’s murderous action and shouts to the crew who react by restraining her. Yon-Rogg orders Una detained in her cabin and the guards take the weeping medic away, leaving the devious Colonel alone to carry out his plan. But as fate decrees, as Yon-Rogg fires the lasers a small private plane inadvertently swoops between the deadly beams and their intended target! The plane is destroyed and the ship departs leaving Mar-Vell stranded. The antihero goes to aid the destroyed plane and finds the dead pilot the only one on board. Finding the pilot’s identification, Mar-Vell discovers Walter Lawson was a missile and robotics expert who had just been reassigned to a nearby military base. Mar-Vell decides to alter Lawson’s ID and take his place in order to further his mission on Earth.

On board the Kree ship, Una manages to secretly knock out the crew using sleeping gas and uses the transferal device to send Mar-Vell a new batch of breathing potions. Mar-Vell arrives at the missile base known as The Cape pretending to be Walt Lawson and the Kree soldier begins his new job on Earth. A week later, base Commander General Bridges asks Lawson to accompany him to a heavily guarded hangar where, to his shock, Mar-Vell discovers Kree Sentry #459 whose supposed destruction caused Mar-Vell’s mission on Earth. Head of Security Carol Danvers expresses her disappointment that the General went against her wishes to inform Lawson of the robot’s existence stating Lawson’s reputation precedes him and her team are still examining his dossier. As Lawson and “Old Man” Bridges leave, Danvers pledges to find out if Lawson is hiding anything.

Meanwhile Yon-Rogg decides Sentry #459 is the perfect weapon with which to eliminate his rival and using the ship's console sends a signal to awaken it. The mammoth android rises and breaks free of its shackles. The guards’ weapons are useless against the creature and it escapes the hangar. General Bridges calls Lawson’s hotel in hope he will know how to turn off the robot. The hotel clerk says there is no one called Walter Lawson staying there but when the General describes him the clerk realizes he means C. Marvel – the name Mar-Vell used on the register. Mar-Vell suspects Yon-Rogg has endangered his mission by reactivating the Sentry and feels he needs to destroy the android before it destroys the planet as his mission is to fully study Earth so The Kree may decide whether it should be spared. The Sentry, following its original orders to defend itself, concludes The Cape must be destroyed and heads for the nuclear warhead center. Meantime the hotel clerk thinks Lawson must be a spy as he used a fake name and decides to search his room. Finally, Captain Mar-Vell arrives at The Cape and faces The Sentry.

Story Continued in Captain Marvel #1.
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Comic Cover for Marvel Super-Heroes (#13)
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