Marvel | Back To Marvel Super-Heroes | December 1967 | Volume 1 | USA | 186 Owned
Origin and 1st Appearance of Captain Marvel, 1st Appearance of Yon-Rogg

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December 1967
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  • 1st Appearance of "CAPTAIN MARVEL" (Mar-vell)
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 The Coming of Captain Marvel 

This issue features the Debut of Captain Marvel.

A Kree Star Ship approaches Earth. Inside Colonel Yon-Rogg orders Captain Mar-Vell to don his battle suit and prepare for landing. The Colonel instructs Medic Una to administer a breathing potion to Mar-Vell. Una queries why the rest of the landing party are not to be given the potion and Mar-Vell reveals Yon-Rogg has ordered him to carry out the mission alone. Una protests this is against standard practice but Mar-Vell tells his beloved that he is aware Yon-Rogg is trying to keep them apart as he too is in love with her. Una feels Mar-Vell is being sent to his doom but he promises to return to her. Mar-Vell is told the potion will allow him to breathe on Earth for one hour when he removes his protective helmet.

The Kree ship arrives at the drop-off point and activates its Aura of Negativism, shielding it from human sight and sound. After saying goodbye to a tearful Una, Mar-Vell uses his jet belt to fly away. Mar-Vell’s thoughts reveal that due to Earth’s lighter gravity compared to his Kree homeland, wearing his battle suit will give him flexibility and power far greater than any humans. Mar-Vell discloses a Kree Sentry had been defeated on Earth recently, as was Ronan The Accuser, therefore Mar-Vell is on a mission to exact revenge. He stumbles upon a missile base and fearing detection begins leaving the area. Simultaneously a test missile is launched but veers off course so is destroyed in the air. At the base, engineers discover unexpected radiation caused the malfunction. Mar-Vell is spotted by security and soldiers are sent to capture him. Not wishing to fight until he has gathered more information for his mission, the Man of Kree uses his Universal Beam Blaster to project a black light over the area temporarily blinding the soldiers.

Reaching a distant highway, the space man changes his clothes and hitches a lift to the nearest town. Using the local currency he was provided for his mission, Mar-Vell checks into a hotel room under the guise of C. Marvel. In his room the anti-hero thinks of Una when his left arm is suddenly paralyzed. Yon-Rogg has immobilized Mar-Vell in order to use a transferal devise to attach a wrist monitor on his arm, allowing his every move to be tracked. The monitor, which can only be removed by the Colonel, receives a transmission from the Kree Imperial Minister telling Mar-Vell he must succeed or die. Mar-Vell realizes he alone now holds the fate of a planet in his hands!

Story #2: The Human Torch! Reprinted from Men's Adventures #27 (1954).

Story #3: The Destroyer in the Beachhead Blitz! Reprinted from All Winners Comics #12 (1944)

Story #4: Kill Captain America! Reprinted from Men's Adventures #28 (1954)

Story #5: The Abduction of King Arthur! Reprinted from The Black Knight #1 (1955)

Story #6: The Sub-Mariner Strikes! Reprinted from Sub-Mariner Comics #38 (1955)
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Comic Cover for Marvel Super-Heroes (#12)
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