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November 1963
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  • 1st Appearance of The "COBRA" (Klaus Voorhees)
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 Challenged By The HUMAN COBRA! 

1st Appearance "COBRA" (Klaus Voorhees)

An angry Thor rampages through Blake's office, upset that his nurse Jane Foster (whom he loves) has left him for another doctor, Dr Bruce Andrews. Suddenly he is summoned to Asgard by his father Odin who orders him to abandon his feelings for the mortal nurse, only to have Thor leave in anger. Back on earth, in his human form as Blake, he decides go to India where he can forget Jane.
In India, an old friend Professor Shecktor is working on a cure for snake bites. His assistant, Klaus Vorhees, decides to kill the professor and steal his discoveries. His plans to allow a cobra to bite them both, but only give himself the cure.

Blake hears about Shecktor's injure and, as Thor, rushes to his side. Too late to save the Professor, he learns that the snake which bite them was radioactive, and Klaus has been transformed into a human cobra. Creating a typhoon with his hammer, Thor carries himself back to the USA following the Cobra.

The Cobra has invaded a factory, and is trying to force the owners to mass produce his cobra serum. Thor arrives and they battle. The Cobra manages to escape the factory and breaks into Dr Andrews office. Andrews is afraid and refuses to stand up to the villain. After calling him a coward, Jane signals Thor. The Cobra seizes her and uses her as a hostage against Thor so he can escape out an office window.
As the Cobra flees, Thor uses his hammer to fly around the building and ambush the Cobra on the other side. The Cobra drops Jane, and as Thor rushes to her rescue, the Cobra makes his escape.

Returning to Dr Andrews office, Jane immediately resigns and goes back to Dr Blake, who welcomes her back as his nurse. While the Cobra is already plotting new evil deeds.
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Comic Cover for Journey Into Mystery (#98)
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