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1st Appearance of Surtur

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October 1963
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  • 1st Appearance of "MOLTO", "The LAVA MAN"
  • 1st Appearance of "SURTUR"
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1st Appearance "MOLTO", "The LAVA MAN"
After saving a jet pilot, Thor returns to his office as Dr. Don Blake to speak to his nurse Jane Foster. He wants to confess his love for her, but realizes he can not unless he also reveals his identity as Thor. So he goes to Odin asking permission, and it is denied.
As news of the approaching Lava Man spreads through the city, Loki (watching from Asgard) laughs because it was he who released the volcanic creature.

Meanwhile, Jane informs Blake that she is leaving and taking a job elsewhere. She can not remain where her feelings are rejected. Forbidden by Odin, Blake is unable to stop her.
As the Lava Man finally reaches the city, he claims the city for his Lava Men tribe. But Thor appears ready to stop him. The Lava Man melts his way into the tunnels underground, and causes geyser eruptions all around Thor. But the Thunder God uses his thrown hammer to drive the Lava Man back above ground. The Lava Man encases Thor in lava, but he is able to break free by summoning a lightning blast from his hammer.
When the Lava Man converts himself to a pillar of stone to try to crush Thor, Thor conjures a whirlwind with his hammer and sweeps the Lava Man to a distanct volcano and drops him in. He then seals the top to imprison the Lava Man and end his threat.
Back at his office as Blake, he finds Jane and her new employer, Dr. Bruce Andrews, waiting for him. She is angry that while the Lava Man was menacing the area, Blake had not even bothered to check on her safety. She leaves with Dr. Andrews, as Blake laments that Thor must live out his days alone.
 1st Surtur 

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