Marvel | Back To Iron Man | July 1987 | Volume 1 | USA | 332 Owned
2nd Appearance of the Ghost

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July 1987
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  • 2nd Appearance of the Ghost
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 Ghost of a Chance 
Since his last encounter with the Ghost, Tony Stark has been paranoid. He is sleeping in his suit because the Ghost can walk through walls and become invisible. When Rhodey wakes him, Tony grabs him by the throat instinctively.

Tony has bet everything on Accutech Research and Development, a company working on a beta particle generator. When he purchased the company he thought it suffered from bad luck and acts of God but he soon learned that it was sabotage by the Ghost.

In an upper-level boardroom meeting, Roxxon Oil Company executives discuss their hired operative, the Ghost. They hired him so that they could obtain the Beta device. Since the Ghost is operating under his own agenda, Roxxon Oil fires him. Since the Ghost makes threats against Roxxon, they decide to hire another operative.

Meanwhile in the basement of Stark Enterprises, Tony Stark is devoting all his time to working on a transfer link for the Beta Generator and his armor’s defenses. While Rhodey and Tony are in the basement the secretary sees Mr. Stark go to his living quarters upstairs. Thinking that this person has to the Ghost, Tony takes a pistol and goes upstairs while Rhodey gets into Tony’s old Iron Man suit.

Ghost arrives at the top floor penthouse apartment and shoots “Tony Stark” behind his desk. When Ghost flips over the body he finds out that he isn’t dead nor is he Tony. Spymaster was disguised as Tony Stark in an effort to trap the Ghost. He subdues the Ghost with an energy siphon that drains his powers.

The real Tony Stark arrives in time to see Spymaster put a gun to the Ghost’s head. Tony is tempted to let Spymaster kill the Ghost but instead, he exchanges fire with him. While they are distracted the Ghost shorts out the energy siphon, allowing him to escape.

Spymaster chases after the Ghost with his tracking device. In the Stark hangar, Rhodey struggles with the anguish he suffered the last time he suited up. The Ghost and Spymaster battle each other through the building until Iron Man, Tony Stark, arrives and blasts Spymaster. Iron Man tries to calm the workers down. With Iron Man's attention focused elsewhere the Ghost gives Spymaster a portable version of his intangibility circuits. Surprised that the Ghost is allowing him to escape, Spymaster asks him why. Ghost says, “I’m not “saving” you, I’m killing you!” With that ominous phrase, the Ghost removes the intangibility circuit from Spymaster, killing him in the wall.

Beyond the dead body of Spymaster, the Ghost leaves a threat for Iron Man. But Iron Man isn’t easily scared and decides to go after him.
- Ron C.
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