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1st Appearance of Damage (Ethan Avery)

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March 2018
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  • 1st Appearance of Ethan Avery Damage
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 Let Loose 

Ethan Avery enlisted to become a soldier but they made him into the beast known as Damage. For one hour a day he changes from Ethan to Damage, for anyone in his path, it’s a long hour. Flying in a military plane, Ethan transforms into Damage and busts out of the plane. Damage lands in the busy streets of Atlanta and rumbles forward.

Back on the plane which is severely damaged and going down, Major Liggett tells his commanding officer that Damage is off the leash. The Major is the only person close enough to get into the military armor and he’s going after Damage alone. Colonel Jonas orders him to stand down but Major Liggett doesn’t obey.

Damage is rampaging down the streets of Atlanta, tossing cars and terrorizing people when Major Liggett engages him. We find out that Liggett wanted to be Damage because he considered himself the better soldier. As Liggett continues to unload his weapons at Damage, he keeps coming. When Damage finally grabs him, he tosses him into a building. Major Liggett’s armored suit is badly damaged and he is trapped under debris. Damage lifts an enormous hunk of concrete and rebar to smash him but stops when Liggett calls him “Ethan”. He drops the concrete nearby and leaves Liggett trapped.

Someone is talking in Damage’s head and we are not sure if it’s Ethan or some other source. That voice tells him that it’s “her fault” and for him to hide.

Colonel Jonas is surveying the damage in a helicopter. When they find a place to land the copter, Jonas finds out that the crew of the plane was all killed except for Major Liggett. Colonel Jonas talks to the body bag of the pilot, thanking him for his skills at crashing the plane away from people in Metro Atlanta.

Behind her, Amanda Waller and her team, the Suicide Squad confront Colonel Jonas about letting Damage out on US soil.

In an unknown location, Ethan Avery has reverted back to himself.
- Ron C.
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