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Captain America #173

Marvel | Back To Captain America | May 1974 | Volume 1 | USA
X-Men Appearance

Basic Information
May 1974
Comic Age
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Issue Facts
  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #61 - The Red Ghost
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Cover Artist
Crossover/Story Arcs
Crossovers :
As Captain America and the Falcon are meeting with Professor X and company about making common cause against their mysterious enemy, the group is suddenly surrounded by SHIELD agents and State Police, led by Nick Fury calling on the wanted heroes to surrender. The heroes, however, decide to fight back, pulling their punches against their opponents until Cyclops is able to use his optic blast to set fire to the brush, creating a flaming barrier between the two groups. Fury begins to wonder if there is some truth in the accusations made by the Committee to Re-gain America’s Principles. Seeking refuge in an abandoned mine tunnel, Professor X explains that several of his people—Angel, Beast, Iceman, Polaris, and Havok—have gone missing and their arch-enemy Magneto is not responsible. The Professor has determined that the enemy is really the Secret Empire, the brains behind the Committee to Re-gain America’s Principles and its scheme to discredit Cap. Their only lead: Beast’s girlfriend Linda Donaldson who may be an agent of the Secret Empire. Xavier is correct: Linda is indeed Agent 9 of the sinister organization, and she is assigned to steal the Brand Corporation’s new electron-gyro. Xavier’s plan unfolds: Cyclops attempts to "kidnap" Linda and she is rescued by two unemployed workers (Steve and Sam in disguise) to gain her confidence. Later, the two incognito heroes receive a visit from a hooded representative of the Secret Empire, hiring them to steal the gyro for them. At midnight, Cap and the Falcon, in costume, break into the Brand Factory and seize the gyro. Spotted by guards, the heroes overcome them without harming them and make their getaway. The guards prepare to alert the police when the boss, Mr. Black, orders them to keep quiet about the matter: it seems Cap left a note explaining that he needed the gyro to help prove his innocence and Mr. Black believes him. Resuming their disguises, Steve and Sam deliver the gyro to the Secret Empire agent who takes them out to the desert where he opens a hidden entrance to their underground lair, and the heroes are ushered in. Moments later, Professor X, Cyclops and Marvel Girl also arrive...
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