Batman: White Knight #4

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March 2018
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     Batman White Knight Part 4 

    The mayor wants Commissioner Gordon to arrest Napier. Gordon argues that if they want to clean up corruption they need to follow the rule of law, even for Napier.

    At a gathering in Backport, Duke talks about why he believes Joker can help their community. Napier announces his candidacy for councilman of Backport. Jack says that he and Harley never fit in until they came to Backport. His rhetoric is about empowering the people and exposing corruption. He and his supporters are planning on a peaceful march to the other boroughs of Gotham.

    Bullock tries to prevent them from marching because of previous issues with Duke, who is an ex-cop. Batman arrives on the scene and takes down Duke and Napier to prevent the situation from escalating. Barbara and Gordon question his judgment in attacking a peaceful march. Napier keeps the crowd from doing anything and willfully submits to the police.

    As newscaster debate the topics, Napier is talking to Gordon in his office. Napier has a plan to redistribute the Batman Devastation Fund to an anti-terrorist unit called the Gotham Terror Oppression. He envisions police working with superheroes to encourage accountability. Jack argues that Batman’s tech could help save the lives of regular officers.

    After they are released Harley wants to go out for the evening. They dance and drink and flirt the night away. In bed, Harley asks Jack to marry her and he agrees, buck naked.

    Out in the city streets of Gotham, Neo Joker is causing chaos as they attack Gotham Police Headquarters. While the fighting is taking place, the Mad Hatter is downloading police files. Gordon is knocked off the roof of police headquarters by the Bat-signal. Batman is able to save him but when he says he will replace the Bat-signal, Gordon goes off on him. Gordon believes that Napier is correct with his anti-terrorist plan.

    Back at their apartment, Napier is trying to figure out why his mind control isn’t working. Harley knows that it’s the fake Harley, Neo Joker, who is masterminding this. Neo Joker and crew break into their apartment and she tries to convince Jack that he should become the Joker again.

    Sometime later Napier shows Nightwing and Batgirl how he would use the Batman Devastation Fund to help them fight crime with the police.

    Neo Joker tells Mad Hatter how she became what she is today. Her real name is Marian Drews. Hatter and Neo find an interesting police file on Mr. Freeze that shows his father was a Nazi. One picture shows him shaking hands with Thomas and Martha Wayne.
    - Ron C.
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