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1st Appearance of Neo Joker

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     Batman White Knight Part 3 

    At Joker’s former lair, the second Harley is convincing herself that Joker is more than Jack Napier. Her warped sense of reality is on display as she calls Jack a drug addict for being cured and the other Harley an enabler. Under her mind control, she is controlling other supervillains and causing a chaotic situation in the streets of Gotham.

    Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl try to lead the villains away from populated areas. Batman decides to take them to Backport and Joker’s new library which is under construction. When they arrive Killer Croc and Bane are already there. Batman figures that Joker wouldn’t destroy his new building but that’s exactly what Bane and Croc do. Batman races after the two criminals but the building partial collapses on him. Badly injured Batman uses the Batmobile’s medical protocol to take him to Wayne Tech.

    In another part of the city, Harley and Jack discuss how perfectly his plan worked. Jack finds some buried paperwork that exposes “Gotham’s biggest secret”.

    Batman makes it back to Wayne Tech and the medical area where Alfred is being cared for. Batman passes out from a loss of blood at the foot of Alfred’s bed.

    Standing before a throng of reporters Jack Napier says that Batman is unaccountable except to the gatekeepers. He divulges that he found a Batman Devastation Fund. It was hidden inside a Natural Disaster Relief Fund but it is in place to fix Gotham after Batman destroys it. He argues that this helps the rich while the rest of Gotham pays for it.

    At the medical treatment area, Batman wakes up to find himself hooked to an IV and Alfred dead in a nearby chair. Alfred sacrificed himself. Bruce Wayne buries his old friend.

    At night Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon stand at Alfred’s grave and talk. Dick tells how Alfred was always a better father than Bruce. Barbara learns that there was a “Robin” before Dick Grayson and that Bruce never told her about Jason Todd. Barbara is worried about Batman judgment but Dick wants to leave. She wakes him up by screaming, “It’s a fight between us and Bruce.” Alfred was Batman’s moral compass so what will he do now?

    Jack and Harley are walking at night through Backport when there is an attempted robbery.
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    Comic Cover for Batman: White Knight (#3)
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