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Origin of Cable / Flashback Cameo of Neena Turman as Domino (1st Full Appearance in X-Force #11)

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March 1992
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  • Origin of Cable / Flashback Cameo of Neena Turman as Domino (1st Full Appearance in X-Force #11)
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 "Flashed Before My Eyes" 

Synopsis for "Flashed Before My Eyes"

Wild Pack - (First appearance)
Grizzly (Theodore Winchester) - (Only in flashback), (First appearance)
Domino - (Only in flashback), (First appearance, cameo)

Sauron gloats about killing Sam. Boom Boom's yelling causes Cable to have a flashback. We're given a glimpse of Cable's past for almost the rest of the issue. He's the leader of a team called Wild Pack. They're invading a Hydra research facility in search of a stolen component. After dispatching the goons, they get inside the lab. Hammer accidentally triggers a fail-safe and Baron von Strucker's image appears everywhere. He threatens to kill them so they quickly retrieve the device and body slide out of there. It turns out that they were working for A.I.M. Later on, the team goes their separate ways. Cable ends up time sliding into the future where he's actually from. He finds out from his computer, Professor, that there's a new possible awakening. The name of the possible High Lord, Sam Guthrie. Cable decides it is his duty to train Cannonball and heads back in time, six months to a year before his Awakening. Back in the present, Sam isn't waking up. Cable wonders if he truly was a High Lord. He vents his anger on Sauron, by blowing him away.
 Flashed Before My Eyes 

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