June 2007 Mini-Series USA 370 Collected
Part 4 - United We Stand

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June 2007
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 Part 4 - United We Stand 
Through the fog of war, a hero is reborn, and the DC Universe bands together against the wrath of an ancient evil!

Week 50, Day 7

The Justice Society of America and several other heroes from the Justice League and Titans wait outside the Chinese border. The Chinese heroes, the Great Ten are fighting Black Adam. The "Western" heroes have been told that stepping on Chinese soil will be regarded as an act of war. J'onn can sense their thoughts as they sit and wait to be allowed to enter. Some are eager to go and get the fight over with. Others question if this will be their time to die. One by one, the Great Ten begin to fall.

The heroes talk amongst themselves. Firestorm asks Mr. Terrific if he or Batman could help him find Professor Stein. Hawkgirl mentions that it was Doctor Mid-nite that changed her increased height back to normal. Beast Boy tells Geo-Force that he blames himself for his sister, Terra's, death. J'onn decides it's time for him to appear to his friends.

Alan Scott informs everyone that the Chinese government is allowing them to enter China. Black Adam sees them come and welcomes them to meet their end. J'onn sees that in his eyes, there isn't even a single sign of remorse for what he's done.

Heroes are injured and knocked out. Black Adam is not holding back. Every punch he throws is meant to kill. As the fight rages on, the Chinese government discusses simply dropping a nuclear bomb on top of them all. The American government has similar ideas. Checkmate meets to discuss what to do if Bialya's neighbors take action.

Despite the odds, the heroes continue to fight. Black Adam continues working his way through hero after hero. Witnessing their determination, Martian Manhunter knows it is time for him to act. He grabs Black Adam and blasts him in the face. Black Adam tells J'onn he's fighting on the wrong side. He's been inside of J'onn's mind as he was in his. He says that they are the same, they both lost their entire family. Adam says that humans fear what they can't control and that one day they will come after him. He tells J'onn to stay back. He will not kill him this time because they are alike. If they cross paths again, he will not hesitate.

As Alan Scott, Geo-Force, and Natasha Irons all grab Black Adam at once, J'onn enters his mind again. He tells him that this time he will not go any further. He has seen his evil and pain. He asks if he can withstand his own.

Black Adam is witness to the deaths of every single loved one and everything's he's known on his planet die. He says what Adam feels as a loss is insignificant compared to what he's felt. J'onn makes Adam feel the deaths of every single one of the million deaths he's caused. He sees what he has become. Adam vows that J'onn has made a mortal enemy and he will break him once more. Captain Marvel arrives just in time to unleash the lightning on Adam.

With a big flash of light and smoke, everyone loses sight of where Adam fell. J'onn has changed. He lost the connection to Adam's mind as soon as the lightning struck. He doesn't know if he's still alive or not. J'onn feels that he has both died and been reborn. He will no longer deny who he is, the Manhunter from Mars.

Above the Earth in the Monitor satellite, the Monitors note that the war on Earth has ended. They say that many have died and others have changed. They must evolve because the worst is yet to come.


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