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1st Modern Cheetah Barbara Minerva

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August 1987
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  • 1st Appearance of Modern Age Cheetah
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Stories May contain spoliers

Synopsis for "Rebirth!"

Barbara Ann Minerva (First appearance) (Will become Cheetah)
Chuma (First appearance)
Christine "Chrissie" Fenton (First appearance)
Myndi Mayer (First appearance)

Following her narrow victory against Ares, Diana is taken back to Themyscira, where Poseidon and his subordinate Nereids heal her many injuries. Indeed, all of Olympus' Gods are immensely grateful to the Amazon Princess - none moreso than Zeus, whose renewed interest in the Amazons draws concern from Artemis and Athena, not to mention his wife Hera.

After her rejuvenation, Diana immediately asks her mother permission to return to Man's World, citing Ares' assignment as well as Vanessa Kapatelis' injuries. Though the Queen is unenthusiastic, the Gods approve and gift Diana with the Sandals of Hermes, which will let Diana travel between Themyscira and Man's World at will. An ecstatic Diana returns to Man's World, where she uses a medley of Themysciran herbs to cure Vanessa of Decay's curse.

Diana's return soon draws attention from both the military and a pushy publicist named Myndi Mayer; the former demand a "logical" explanation for the recent missile crisis, while the latter wants to capitalize on the image of Boston's first super-heroine. Though annoyed by both parties, Julia realizes that Diana will need media savvy to win over Man's World, and reluctantly introduces Diana to Myndi's firm.

In following weeks, the Mayer Agency turns Wonder Woman into an international celebrity, headlining countless articles and advertisements. One such article comes to the attention of Dr. Barbara Minerva, an unscrupulous British archaeologist who becomes obsessed with obtaining Wonder Woman's lasso - no matter what the cost.
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Comic Cover for Wonder Woman (#7)
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