THOR #171
Marvel | Back To Thor | December 1969 | Volume 1 | USA | 131 Owned
Wrecker Appearance, Final Silver Age Issue

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December 1969
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 The Wrath of The WRECKER! 

As the Thunder God patrols the city he over hears a radio news report about Pedro Luis Lopez, a prominent civil rights leader had been shot. Knowing of Lopez's work, Thor decides that he should do what he can to save Lopez's life, but not as Thor however, but Donald Blake. Flying to the hospital where Lopez is being treated, Thor transforms back into the form of Donald Blake and offers his assistance as a surgeon to the doctors on staff that are treating Lopez. The doctors are increasingly worried about Lopez's survival as the biggest fear is that it may lead to riots in the city.

While elsewhere in the hospital, a special room is under guard, watching over a particularly dangerous patient who has been sedated since his admission to the hospital. This patient turns out to be the Wrecker, who has grown immune to the tranquilizers that have been used on him and uses his superior strength to break out of his hospital room. Easily batting aside the plain clothes police officers charged with watching him, the Wrecker retrieves his enchanted crow bar and goes on a rampage in the city.

The rampage does not go unnoticed, as it causes enough quaking to disturb the surgery that Blake is participating it. Blake leaves his patient with the other doctors so that he might investigate as Thor. Changing into his godly form, Thor goes looking for the source of the disturbance and is attacked from behind by the Wrecker, who is more than eager to have a rematch with Thor now that he feels stronger than ever before.

Their battle rages across the city, putting Thor in the defensive and unable to stop his foe. Their battle finally lands them in the New York subway system where Thor tosses the Wrecker on the electrified third rail. This causes the Wrecker to boast at Thor because the rails voltage is insufficient to harm him. However, causes the Wrecker to pause his attack long enough for Thor to slam his hammer onto the rail electrifying it with it's thunderous energies. The overload of power knocks out the Wrecker, ending his threat.

Resuming his Donald Blake guise, Thor returns to the hospital where he learns that his patient is expected to recover, however his colleagues question what type of person he is because of the perception of Blake fleeing on a patient. Blake takes this and suggests to his fellow that nobody is perfect and walks out of the room.

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