THOR #150
Marvel | Back To Thor | March 1968 | Volume 1 | USA | 168 Owned
Hela Appearance

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March 1968
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 Even In Death.. 
Thor has seemingly been killed when the Wrecker had sent a building collapsing on the now powerless Thunder God. Checking to be sure, the Wrecker finds no sign of life in Thor and gloats over how easily he defeated his foe and leaves him. Thor's body is then visited by Hela who has come to claim his soul. However before she can give Thor her killing touch, his still living body projects an astral image that stays her hand.

Meanwhile back in the Realm of Asgard, in the home of Karnilla the Norn Queen, Loki hides out with the mystic crystal that would allow Odin to see that Thor is dying on Earth and has come to the Norn Queen's side to get the aid of her people. Witnessing Balder and Sif's approach through the crystal, Loki sends one of Karnilla's giant barbarians to attack approaching Gods. Although the giants attack catches Balder off guard, the brave warrior is able to regain his footing and counter attack, easily defeats the barbarian. With the battle over, Balder is shocked to find that Sif has gone disappeared at some point during the fight.

Back on Earth, Thor's astral projection tells Hela that he refuses to give into death because the Earth is still being plagued by the Wrecker, and as long as that threat exists he cannot accept death. Witnessing the Wrecker fighting off a bunch of police officers, Thor foolishly tries to stop the Wrecker but his immaterial form is unable to even touch his foe, who is oblivious that his foe is still trying to thwart him.

While back in Asgard, Balder continues his quest to Karnilla's castle, when he is attacked and taken out by barbarians who knock him out with sleeping herbs. In that self same castle, Sif (who had been taken prisoner by Karnilla) has been forced to watch Balder's defeat, and in a cruel jest Karnilla shows Sif the fate of Thor. Taking advantage of Sif's belief that Thor is still alive, Karnilla offers her "aid" by bringing forth the Destroyer armor and allowing Sif to put her soul into the device to give it life. After doing so Karnilla transports the Destroyer armor to Earth once more. This plays into both Karnilla and Loki's hand as they know that the Destroyer's predisposition to destroy any Gods would force Sif to attack her lover once the threat of the Wrecker had been dealt with.

On Earth, Thor decides to once more join his mortal body and finds that he has regained some of his strength and revives. He comes around just in time to see the arrival of the Destroyer. The Destroyer easily destroys the Wrecker's crowbar and blasts the foe into unconsciousness before it begins to turn it's attention to Thor. Unaware who's soul is trapped in the armor, Thor rushes towards the mystic armor ready to destroy it if need be.
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Comic Cover for Thor (#150)
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