THOR #129
Marvel | Back To Thor | June 1966 | Volume 1 | USA | 173 Owned

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June 1966
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  • "Dionysus" (1st appearance) "Ares" (First appearance) "Hermes" (First appearance) "Artemis" (First appearance) "Hephaestus" (First appearance) "Hera" (First appearance)
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 The Verdict Of ZEUS! 

"Dionysus" (1st appearance)
"Ares" (First appearance)
"Hermes" (First appearance)
"Artemis" (First appearance)
"Hephaestus" (First appearance)
"Hera" (First appearance)
Thor returns to New York City where a crowd of people ask him questions about his going feud with Hercules. Thor finds that crowds questions to pressing and is given a escape when a taxi driver offers to get him out of the scene. As Thor has the driver take him to the apartment building where Jane Foster lives, the cab driver waxes philosophical with him.

Meanwhile, in far off Olympus, Zeus is being entertained when suddenly Pluto arrives to hand over the signed Olympian Pact, that has made Hercules ruler of Hades thereby freeing Pluto from his centuries long rule of the domain. When Zeus believes this to be a trick, Pluto shows him the signed document and presses the ruler of the Olympian Gods to follow the rule of the pact. Elsewhere, Hercules has arrive in Olympus to seek his fathers aid, his travels are slowed when he must fight off a Titan that gets in his way. When Hercules finally reaches Olympus, he finds that he is too late and Zeus demands that he honour the pact and go to Hades and rule. Zeus gives Hercules an opportunity to get out of his bind, all he need do is find someone who is willing to fight for him.

Back on Earth, Thor arrives at Jane Fosters apartment and meets her new roommate Tana Nile, whom Thor finds very strange. Tana admits that she is from a far away place, however doesn't explain her origins, and when Thor presses Jane for more information she unfortunately does not know much else about her new roommate either. Thor once more pledges his love with Jane, and expresses his interest in marrying her. Because a God cannot marry a mortal, Thor decides to go to Asgard one last time and demand his father take away his godly heritage so that they may wed. A decision that Jane is happy with, but is concerned. The couple are unaware that the whole time Tana has been secretly listening in on their conversation and has plans for Thor, plans of which require his godly might and she plots to insure that Thor does not return to Earth.

Thor meanwhile, travels back to Asgard where he finds Balder waiting for him. Balder explains to Thor that something has Odin disturbed and that he has been sent out to find Thor as quickly as possible. Odin, not allowing Thor to explain his intended plans tells the Thunder God that he must travel to the realm of Limbo to prepare through the Doorway of All Worlds as a prophesy that will effect three worlds is about to pass. Thor has no choice but to agree and allows Odin to transport him to Limbo to wait until he is needed.

Back in Olympus, Hercules attempts to get aid from his fellow Gods to fight for him. Hercules attempts to get the aid of his enemy Ares to fight on his behalf, to which the God of War refuses. When his time to find someone runs out, Pluto appears to gloat as his minions rise out of Hades to take Hercules to his new realm. However, it's at this moment that Odin dispatches Thor from Limbo, having him appear in Olympus. Thor arrives believing that Odin wishes him to battle Hercules, however when the Thunder God witness the Prince of Power being dragged into Hades by the minions of Pluto, Thor realizes what he must do, and challenges Pluto and fight on Hercules' behalf.

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