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1st Appearance of Human Top

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December 1963
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     The HUMAN TOP! 

    1st Appearance "HUMAN TOP" (David Cannon)
    Our story begins with the origins of the Human Top: Growing up as a young man, David Cannon found that he had the uncanny ability to spin really fast, almost like a top. He would then use his powers to bully his peers and cheat in sporting events and cash in on betting money. Soon this wasn't enough and Cannon became a criminal that the papers would call the Human Top, and his crime sprees would continue over the convening years.

    In the present day, Henry Pym reads about the Top's most recent robbery and dismisses him as a simple hood that is beneath the notice of Giant-Man. He then calls the Wasp in for duty. Arriving shortly after the two check their spy-ant monitoring device for any leads on crime in the city. They learn that the Human Top is plotting to rob Danly's Department store the next day at 10:00 am. They decide to intervene, and Giant-Man begins his plan to capture the Top.
    Meanwhile, the Top in his civilian guise is practising for an ice show, and is sent home early. At scoffs at the pittance he gets working as an ice skater, and dawns his newly design top-inspired, Human Top costume and begins plotting how he will rob the Danly's payroll the new morning.

    The next day, Henry Pym and Janet Van Dyne take up jobs at Danly's Department store in order to spring a trap on the Top. However, when the Top arrives and the two hero's take on their guises of Giant-Man and the Wasp, the Top proves to be too fast for them and gets out of the store. Even after attempting to throw the Top's balance off by having an army of ants chew through the pavement, Giant-Man is incapable of capturing the villain due to his large size and his opponents fast speed. The Human Top then manages to lose Giant-Man by escaping through the subway.

    The next day, David Cannon gloats over his victory against Giant-Man. Meanwhile, Giant-Man puts himself through a barrage of physical and chemical tests to increase his speed so that he can better fight the Human Top. While he feels confident that he can defeat his foe, he is unaware that the Wasp had really put his device on at half-speed, making him not at all ready for the upcoming battle. Janet admits to not have the heart to tell him.

    While Giant-Man continues to prepare for his next battle with the Human Top, the Top himself is stalking through the city with a bundle of dynamite.
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    Comic Cover for Tales To Astonish (#50)
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