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First Appearance of Egghead.

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December 1962
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  • 1st Appearance of "EGGHEAD" (Elihas Starr)
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 Betrayed By The ANTS! 

1st Appearance "EGGHEAD" (Elihas Starr)
A group of mobsters, afraid to commit crimes in fear of getting captured by Ant Man come to the realization that they don't have the intelligence to defeat their foes. Days later they learn of a scientist known as "Egghead" who was discharged from the U.S. Government Atomic Energy Board under allegations that he was selling government secrets to the highest bidder. The mobsters then hire Egghead to find a way to defeat Ant Man, Egghead agrees to do so for the price of ten grand.
Egghead begins by learning everything he can about ants and constructing a device that could communicate with ants via electrical impulses (much like Ant Man's helmet.) Using this device on a near-by ant hill, Egghead commands the ants there to lure Ant Man into a trap that he has set for the hero.

Returning to the mobsters hide out, he reveals to them that he plans on trapping Ant Man on fly paper and tells them that while Ant Man is being lured to the trap they can conduct the jewel heist they were planning.

Ant Man, being led to the scene of the crime by his ants, is blow into a box lined with fly paper by Egghead using a bellows. Surprisingly, Ant Man is not stuck on the paper and uses spring loaded boots to hop out of the trap and attack the mobsters, whom he easily defeats with his human sized strength.

While the crooks are distracted, Ant Man commands his ants to trap them by dropping a large sheet of fly paper that they ants carried up the ceiling and dropped on them from overhead. The escaping crooks find that their getaway vehicle has had the tires flattened and the keys stolen and are quickly rounded up by the police, Egghead manages to escape.
Overhearing Ant Man's explanation to the police, Egghead learns that the ants did not betray Ant Man and told him of Egghead's plot, allowing him to prepare for the trap by instructing his ants to sabotage the crooks escape car and having the necessary equipment to overcome Egghead's traps.

Although Egghead escapes, his defeat causes him to go into hiding until he finally becoming a rambling derelict in a Bowery flophouse.
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