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1st Appearance of Adaptoid (later becomes Super-Adaptoid)

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October 1966
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  • 1ST Appearance of ADAPTOID (later becomes Super-Adaptoid)
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Continued from last issue... Turning himself in to report to a Senate Committee on national security over the secrets of Iron Man's armor, Tony Stark flies into Washington D.C. to present himself to the hearing in his Iron Man armor, however on the way he is attacked by the newly revived Titanium Man who was launched into Washington D.C. by the Soviets.

As the two armor clad titans clash, the entire city of Washington D.C. look on, including Senator Harrington Byrd who called the committee meeting, as well as Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan, who have just arrived in D.C. to support their boss, Tony Stark.

As the Titanium Man attempts to destroy Iron Man, the Golden Avenger attempts to bring Titanium Man into a secluded area of outside of town to prevent any innocents from getting injured. However a crowd (including Pepper and Happy) soon appear to watch the fight, and Titanium Man manages to catch Iron Man in his paralysis ray.

As Iron Man tries to break free, Pepper cheers him on and offers to find Tony Stark to help him, however when Iron Man thinks his built in live wire has allowed him to break free of the paralysis ray, he soon learns that in reality, the Titanium Man is no longer training the ray on him, but on Pepper Potts instead. This story is continued next issue...
1ST appearance of ADAPTOID
One night while alone in Avengers Mansion, Captain America is once again reminiscing about his past during World War 2 when he is briefly visited by Jarvis. Deciding to check on the ready room one more time, he is suddenly attacked by his old World War 2 foe, Agent Axis, who vanishes as suddenly as he appears.

When checking the monitor room he is soon interrupted by a communication from yet another old World War 2 foe: Fang the Warlord. Fearing that he may be losing his mind, he soon finds himself living a vivid fantasy where he and his late partner Bucky are in a car fleeing the Nazi's the two fight off their attackers before Cap realizes this is yet another strange hallucination.

Next he sees what he believes to be Sgt. Duffy and a troops on a hike, and soon grows faint to be helped who appear to be Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. When Cap asks what they are doing in New York when last he heard they were in Europe trying to get their lost powers back, it turns out that it was really Jarvis he was talking to.

Elsewhere, a group of SHIELD agents have uncovered an AIM facility where they find Count Royal, an AIM operative who has released something that they learn is called an "Adaptoid."
Back at Avengers Mansion as Jarvis places the unconscious Captain America in his bed, Jarvis soon also suddenly transforms into the Adaptoid, which then takes on the shape of Captain America, and takes Cap's shield. This story is continued next issue...
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