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1st Appearance of Titanium Man

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September 1965
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  • 1st APPEARANCE of "TITANIUM MAN" (Boris Bullski)
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 *If I Must DIE, Let It Be With HONOR! *Midnight In GREYMOOR CASTLE! 

1st Appearance "TITANIUM MAN" (Boris Bullski)
While working on a sub-miniature reverser in his lab, Tony Stark has to stop his work in order to recharge his pace maker. Soon after he puts aside his work in order to attend to business. He overhears Pepper and Happy discussing a new club they'd like to go to, and he offers them the use of his personal limo for their date. Pepper asks Tony if he'd like to tag along, much to the dismay of Happy, but Tony naturally declines the invitation.

Meanwhile, in Siberia, Communist Commissar Comrade Bullski has selected a team of enslaved scientists to use the laboratory of the original Crimson Dynamo in order to build a suit of armor which Bullski would use to defeat Iron Man and score a propaganda victory for his leaders. The captured scientists build Bullski a suit of Titanium armor which he dons and calling himself Titanium Man, issues a challenge to Iron Man.
When word reaches Washington D.C., Senator Byrd asks Stark to have Iron Man meet the challenge, and so they setup a meeting place in the neutral territory of Alberia and set to combat in a far-off desolate area which was once a battle field during World War 2. The battle in question would be televised all over the world.
Preparing his armor in order to withstand the coming battle, Iron Man meets Titanium Man in the battle zone and the first round of their fight begins as the whole entire world watches. During the combat, Iron Man soon stumbles on the fact that the Titanium Man had booby-trapped the battle field with landmines.
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Comic Cover for Tales Of Suspense (#69)
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