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August 1964
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  • 1st APPEARANCE of The "UNICORN" (Milos Masaryk)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 The Uncanny UNICORN! 

* 1st APPEARANCE "UNICORN" (Milos Masaryk)

Lamenting about the state of his life, Iron Man trashes his lab in a fit of rage. He decides to stop being Iron Man and to spend what's left of his life focused on his millonaire playboy lifestyle. Tony starts arranging a date when the Avengers call Stark Industries looking for Iron Man to deal with a new threat that they were too busy to handle. However, Stark simply tells them that Iron Man was sent away for "a long vacation."

This threat was a new villain named the Unicorn, who attacked Stark Industries a moment after the Avengers had called. Meanwhile, Tony Stark is out on a date with a girl named Pamela. The Unicorn starts wrecking havoc on the plant, and in light of both Iron Man's and Stark's absence, Happy Hogan tries to fight off the villain. The villain proves to be a strong opponent, and fatally beats Happy up. Pepper tries to call for help, but the Unicorn had ripped out the phone cables. Once he knocks out Happy, the Unicorn hears Pepper's scream, and kidnaps her, hoping that would lure Iron Man to him.

After the villain escaped, Happy is hospitalized. After finally being reached out to, Tony Stark is notified of the events that transpired and quickly leaves to the hospital, but Happy can't have visitors. Meanwhile, the Unicorn has taken Pepper to a private estate on the shore of Long Island, and tells her his origin.
 The Watcher's Sacrifice! 

A "Tales of the Watcher" story with a cameo appearance (1 panel) of the Human Torch and the Thing (with Mr. Fantastic in the background). Plot by Stan Lee. Script and Art by Larry Lieber. Inking by George Bell. Lettering by Art Simek.
 The Atomizer - "Pouf!" 

A text story continued from last issue... Tales of Suspense #55.
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Comic Cover for Tales Of Suspense (#56)
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