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1st Appearance of Scarecrow.

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March 1964
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  • 1st APPEARANCE of The "SCARECROW" (Ebenezer Laughton)
Issue Credits
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Crossover/Story Arcs
Arcs :
Stories May contain spoliers
 1) Face to Face with the Sinister SCARECROW 2) The Recipe 3) The Green Thing! 4) The Primitive! 

"Face to Face with Sinister Scarecrow" Story:
Iron Man catches a criminal attempting to rob a box office and pursue him into the theater were the contortionist the Uncanny Umberto is performing. Umberto uses his tricks to stop the thief and is congratulated by Iron. Struck by sudden inspiration Umberto decides to bend his talents to perform burglaries. To disguise himself he steals a scarecrow costume. He also steals the trained crows of fellow performer Thornton. He decides upon Tony Stark's apartment as his first target.

At the main reception room in Stark's Long Island factory Veronica Vogue is tricked away from her promised date with Tony Stark by Pepper Potts. Tony and Happy Hogan drive home. There they discover the Scarecrow breaking into Tony's safe. The Scarecrow's acrobatics easily beats Happy, but this gives Tony a chance to put on his Iron Man suit. The Scarecrow's crows entangle Iron Man in a drapery. When he tears himself free Iron Man sees the crows flying out the window. Thinking the Scarecrow has escaped Iron Man flys out. In truth the Scarecrow has merely hidden himself inside the apartment. With Iron Man gone the Scarecrow steals the plans for some of Stark's new weapon systems and escapes.

The Scarecrow blackmails Tony for the stolen plans, but Tony hides one of his gadgets in the briefcase with the money. The Scarecrow get the money without handing back the plans and then sails for Cuba in a small motorboat. Iron Man tracks the Scarecrow to his rendezvous with a Cuban gunboat. Iron Man gets the plans back and sinks the gunboat. However he fails to stop the Scarecrow from swimming ashore on Cuba. Back home Tony gives his Broadway tickets to Happy and Pepper.

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Comic Cover for Tales Of Suspense (#51)
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