Marvel | Back To Supernatural Thrillers | August 1974 | Volume 1 | USA | 79 Owned
1st Appearance of the Elementals (Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum, Zephyr), Spiderman Homecoming Movie. Series "A" Marvel Value Stamp #36 (Ancient One)

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August 1974
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #36 - Ancient One
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Teleported from a New York City alley as he was attempting to flee the police, N'Kantu finds himself floating in an unknown universe. Setting down on a small planet, he is attacked by creatures which seem to rise from the ground itself. Eventually the beings overpower him, knocking him unconscious. When N'Kantu awakens he discovers that he is inside the castle of the Elementals. These four beings promise to help him become human again if he agrees to get them the Ruby Scarab, a powerful magical object that was used to banish the Elementals from Earth eons ago.

Recognizing their evil nature, N'Kantu refuses to help them. The outraged demigods then attack the Living Mummy, with Zephyr using her powers to place him under her control. He is then commanded to retrieve the Ruby from Professor Abdol and is teleported to his pyramid headquarters in Egypt. Materializing just outside the pyramid, N'Kantu confronts a guard. Though he doesn't wish to harm the man, he cannot seem to disobey Zephyr's commands and he moves forward, ready to kill.

Back in New York City, Doctor Skarab tells Ron and Janice that he knows that N'Kantu has returned to Egypt, claiming that he "heard" him call out the name of Skarab's ancestor, Nephrus, as if his mind had some sort of link with that of the Living Mummy. As a result, Skarab decides that he too will travel to Egypt in order to find the missing mummy.
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Comic Cover for Supernatural Thrillers (#8)
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