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Classic Steranko Flag cover

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April 1968
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  • Classic "STERANKO" American Flag Cover
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Stories May contain spoliers
 * ARMAGEDDON! * This Dream... This DOOM! 

STORY 1: Jimmy cradles the body of his beloved in his arms; The Claw vows vengeance; Fury says he's takin' over --NOW! Just then, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE as a SHIELD Suicide Squad bursts in thru the floor via "The Dreadnought," a colossal tunneling machine. The Claw vanishes, Fury uses a "Psuedo-Elliptoid Wrist Tracer" to find him, but arrives just as the villain escapes into the "Space-Time Continuum" in an "Infinity Sphere." But Fury finds a "Prototype Warp-Vest" which uses "Hyper-Space Circuits" and follows The Claw's "Cosmic Trajectory." The Claw hits the button on a nuclear detonator, destroying his entire underwater base-- just as Fury arrives and attacks him using a "Mind-Amplifyin' Gizmo." As The Claw topples backward, Fury tells him SHIELD planted an "Explosion Absorber" and cleared out-- meaning, The Claw only succeeded in destroying his own base. Fury then uses The Satan Claw to peel open The Claw's armor and it is revealed to have been a robot pawn in a game lost by Dr. Doom to the Prime Mover.

STORY 2: The Resurrected Ancient One reveals to Dr. Strange that he was able to free himself from the stone prison for which he was trapped in following the defeat of Zom. The two then travel togeather to the Ancient One's Sanctum to try and find where Yandroth had taken Victoria Bentley. Using spells they learn that Yandroth had transported the two of them to the Dimension of Dreams. Using a magic gem to transport himself there, Strange finds Yandroth and Victoria. Yandroth unleashes beings from his dreams (barbarians on horse back and sea monsters) to keep Dr. Strange at bay, while he prepares to shoot Strange with a laser.
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Comic Cover for Strange Tales (#167)
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