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Steranko Cover, Art and Story

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August 1967
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  • Steranko Art and Story
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Interior Artist
Cover Artist
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Stories May contain spoliers
 1) Spy School 2) The Evil That Men Do... 

Following the destruction of Hydra Island, Fury goes to UNIT (Underground Network Intelligence Training academy) where recruits undergo rigorous education. He meets 2 new agents: Sidney E. Levine, a tech expert (who agrees to replace Fury's destroyed Porsche 904) and Val, who scoffs at his attitude that the spy game is man's work. Fury takes on Captain America in a display bout for the recruits, but gets dizzy due to a "side-effect" of the invisibility pill he used earlier. Cap tells him he's found out who was responsible for a job they tackled "a year ago"-- "The Big Blackout".

2) Returning to New York, Dr. Strange finds that his Sanctum is now gone, finding Wong he learns that Umar had attacked it while she was on Earth. However, Strange restores it revealing it was never destroyed just banished. Returning inside, Dr. Strange explains to Wong the outcome of his and the Ancient One's battle with Umar, the freeing of Zom, and the ultimatum that the Living Tribunal had made.

Meanwhile, all the mystics who were "awoken" by the freeing of Zom are now organizing into a large group called the Circle Sinister. Dr. Strange tracks down the Circle to their meeting place where he fights their apparent leader, however as Strange easily defeats this attacker, he soon learns who their real leader is: Baron Mordo, who has just escaped from his mystical prison.

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Comic Cover for Strange Tales (#159)
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