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1st Jasper Sitwell Appearance

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May 1966
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  • First appearance of Jasper Sitwell.
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Crossover/Story Arcs
Arcs :
Stories May contain spoliers
 1) The Day of The Druid! 2) Where Man Hath Never Trod! 

1) A mysterious villain called The Druid, using "mystic rites" to disguise "modern, sinister science", sends another deadly flying egg, to kill Nick Fury! Meanwhile, at the crash site of the downed jet, Fury races thru the fire to shut down the plane's nuclear reactor before it can explode and take out half the countryside. Dugan refuses to enter the "Mobile Fallout Shelter", and waits for Fury. On the road in his Porsche 904, Fury & Dugan are attacked by the egg. The car dodges a flame-thrower, strikes back with a "Borer-Bomb", then falls victim to plastic self-forming tank traps. As the car flips over, its "Air Sacs" activate, then Fury uses its jet fans to fly away and land safely. The pair finally use "Grenade Guns" to take out the offensive omelet. Back at the SHIELD barber shop, clean-cut new recruit Jasper Sitwell has a hard time convincing the barber he's really a SHIELD agent.

2) While the Ancient One continues to search for the dimension which Clea had been banished, Dormammu is visited by his minion Asti who informs its master of the Ancient One's progress. Dormammu and Asti organize a trick that would have Strange travel into the Kingdom of Tazza on a false lead that Clea may be there.

Instead, after battling many creatures that live in the realm, Strange finds himself confronted by Tazza, the realm's ruler. Tazza stands before the inert bodies of heroes who have come to his realm and whose astral forms he holds prisoner. Strange at first disorientates his foe by using his own astral form to possess the inert bodies of Tazza's fallen foes. However, Tazza learns this trick, and the two lock in mystic combat. However, Dr. Strange manages to best Tazza and demands he tell him of Clea's location, however Tazza claims to know no female, and Strange realizes he was tricked, and that Tazza was tricked into attacking Strange. Strange then agrees to release Tazza from his mystic bonds if he frees all his prisoners. After the battle, Strange returns home to rest.
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