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Strange Tales #130

Marvel | Back To Strange Tales | March 1965 | Volume 1 | USA
1st Appearance of Kaecilius-Dr Strange Movie bad Guy / Beatles appearance

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March 1965
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    Synopsis for "Meet the Beatles!"

    The Beatles (Only Appearance)

    After roughhousing around the Baxter Building (and being scolded by Reed and Sue) Johnny and Ben take Doris and Alicia out to see the Beatles perform their Manhattan gig. While the girls get to meet the Fab-Four, Ben and Johnny chase after some common crooks who stole the box office receipts. The two's bickering and some sloppy super-hero work makes an easy job somewhat difficult for the two to accomplish, but they eventually catch the crooks and recover the money, however they end up missing the Beatles' performance.

    Synopsis for "The Defeat of Dr. Strange"

    Sen-Yu (First appearance)
    Kaecilius (First appearance)

    Dormammu sends Baron Mordo and his minions to attack the Ancient One, who is injured in the initial confrontation and Dr. Strange is forced to leave his side to find a way to defeat these attackers and cure his master of his illness. Mordo meanwhile sends out a message to all evil mystics to help hunt down and destroy Dr. Strange. Traveling to Hong Kong, Dr. Strange seeks the aid of a friend to get a new passport and a change of clothes, however Strange is still found by agents of Mordo, whom he manages to incapacitate before slipping away in to the night.
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