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October 1964
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     The SUB-MARINER Must Be STOPPED! * MORDO Must Not Catch ME! 

    * Sub-Mariner Appearance (Namor McKenzie)
    * 1st appearance of: (Baron Mordo's "MINIONS") in "Mordo must not catch me" storyline.

    STORY 1: When two reporters show up at the Baxter Building to interview Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Girl, the jealous Thing and Torch scare them off. Hearing that Sub-Mariner has been spotted swimming close to shore, the two believe that this is the perfect opportunity to get some much needed publicity.

    Tracking down the Sub-Mariner the two hot-heads battle Namor to the point where the furious monarch leaves. Reed and Susan show up to scold the two of them for attacking Namor on their own because Reed was planning to meet with Namor and make peace. To add to the calamity, the two reporters they chased off earlier in the day wanted to interview Susan and Reed in order to write a surprise article about Ben & Johnny.

    STORY 2: Attacked by minions of Baron Mordo, Dr. Strange learns that the Ancient One is Mordo's prisoner in yet another plot to destroy Dr. Strange. Battling in their astral forms, Strange searches the world over trying to find the Ancient One while simultaneously trying to prevent Mordo from capturing him. Finding and freeing the Ancient One in ancient Aztec ruins, Dr. Strange confronts Mordo and defeats him in a mystic duel. After the fight, Dr. Strange free the Ancient One.
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    Comic Cover for Strange Tales (#125)
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