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First Appearance and Origin of the Beetle

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August 1964
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     * The BIRTH of The BEETLE! * The CHALLENGE of LOKI! 

    * 1st APPEARANCE "BEETLE" (Abner Jenkins)
    * This story features cameo appearances by Stan Lee and Carl Burgos.

    STORY 1: On the way to take the girls out to the World's Fair, the Thing and Human Torch soon find themselves dealing with a new costumed villain known as the Beetle: A disenfranchised inventor who wishes to make it rich the easy way. Thwarting the Beetles thefts, and battling him on the World Fair playground, the two heroes eventually defeat the Beetle and turn him over to the authorities.

    STORY 2: In order to get control of Thor's hammer, Loki tricks Dr. Strange into believing that Loki is a helpless prisoner of the "evil" Thor and the only way to free himself is by gaining control of Thor's hammer. Using a spell to draw Thor's hammer to him, Loki reveals his ruse before the hammer can get to them. Canceling the spell and having Thor track it's path to his Sanctum, Dr. Strange attempts to fight off Loki. However, Loki proves to be a more adept at magic than Strange, however Loki is forced to retreat when he sees that Thor is on his way. With Loki gone, Thor continues on his merry way, unaware of the plot against him that almost succeeded.
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    Comic Cover for Strange Tales (#123)
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