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Origin of Spider-Woman

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April 1978
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     ...A Future UNCERTAIN! 

    * 1st Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) in own Title

    Spider-Woman is inside a grocery store after closing hours thinking of stealing food. She continues to contemplate what to do with her life and who she really is and decides not to steal. Sneaking out of the store, she is confronted by Jerry Hunt, who tries to stop her. However, Spider-Woman manages to escape, although Jerry manages to grab her mask and pull it off, and swears that he's seen her face before. Returning to the apartment that she lives in (all too aware of everyone's fear of her) Spider-Woman retires for the night.

    She dreams of the brief time she spent with Modred the Mystic the Mystic and the facts about her past that he revealed: How she wasn't one of the New Men (as was thought by Otto Vermis), but a real girl: Jessica Drew, the daughter of Jonathan and Merriem Drew. They worked with Herbert Wyndham (later known as the High Evolutionary) on Wundagore Mountain. Jessica fell victim to radiation poisoning, and her father treated her. Her mother, however, would eventually die. Failing to find a cure for Jessica's condition, Jonathan would leave Wundagore, leaving Wyndham to try and find a cure for the girl's radiation poisoning. Infusing her with the DNA of a spider, he put her in suspended animation for years, slowing her aging process until she developed an immunity the radiation and would rise with the fantastic powers she would later use as Spider-Woman. The rest of Jessica's past was just as Vermis had told her.

    The next day, Jessica tries to find a job, but during her job-hunting she is spotted once more by Jerry Hunt, who once more tries to stop her. Jessica changes into Spider-Woman and makes her escape. Deciding to disguise herself once more, she creates a new mask and dyes her hair black. Going out as Spider-Woman once more, she would later find Jerry trying to stop some crooks who are armed with hi-tech lasers. Jerry is injured in the fight, and Spider-Woman swoops in and comes to his rescue. Knocking out the crooks, she is soon confronted by officers of Scotland Yard, who Jerry tells to have her arrested.

    Spider-Woman grabs the injured Jerry and flies away to a hospital, where she administers a blood transfusion giving him some of her fast-healing blood for a faster recovery. Spider-Woman leaves the scene, leaving Jerry to wonder at the truth behind this mysterious woman.

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    Comic Cover for Spider-Woman (#1)
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