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1st Appearance of Shang-Chi (Master of Kung Fu), Jim Starlin Art & Cover,1st Appearance of Fu Manchu

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December 1973
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  • 1st Appearance of “SHANG-CHI”
  • 1st Appearance of “FU MANCHU”
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 SHANG CHI, Master of KUNG FU! 

* 1st APPEARANCE "SHANG-CHI" Master of Kung Fu
* 1st Appearance of "SI-FAN" Assassins

Shang-Chi (Earth-616) confronts five fighters on his way to Fu Manchu's inner sanctum, while Fu Manchu watches on a video monitor.

He remembers: his father, Fu Manchu, sent him on his first mission at 19 years old. He would assassinate Doctor Petrie, a Westerner who opposed Fu's plans, "the most evil man alive." Once in Mayfair, he found Petrie asleep and wondered how such an old man could contain such malice. Petrie awoke; Shang-Chi struck. He turned to go.

Denis Nayland Smith, in a wheelchair, faced him with gun drawn. Shang-Chi slapped the gun out of his hand. He turned to go.

Smith began to weep for Petrie. Shang-Chi was stunned. Smith explained the true nature of evil: Fu Manchu, a megalomaniac with a global network of assassins, a genius with a rejuvenating potion, a dreamer with the goal of bringing the glory of China's imperial age to the whole world. Fu captured Smith in Burma and gave him to Tak, a sumo wrestler who mangled him. Smith pulls up his trouser leg....
Shang-Chi visited his mother, an American, at their home in Honan. She knew he would eventually learn the truth about his father but hoped it would not come so soon. Shang-Chi went to his father's international headquarters.

In the present, Shang-Chi faces the last of the five fighters: Tak. To end the grueling battle, he seizes Tak's topknot and heaves him through a door. He finds a laboratory and hints of the monstrosities his father has created. One of them, an enhanced gorilla, almost ambushes him. He knocks it down a flight of stairs. "Excellent, Shang-Chi," says Fu Manchu. He lays out his vision for Shang-Chi and invites him to join the great work.

"Father ... you speak with absolute assurance, completely convinced that your vision is the only proper way ... and, like all men who speak thus, you are mad." He turns to go. "When next we meet, it will be as implacable enemies."

He steps out of his father's China and into a New York City street. "I have lost a father," he thinks, "and in all the world, I can never find another."
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Comic Cover for Special Marvel Edition (#15)
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