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1st Inferior Five

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June 1966
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  • 1st APPEARANCE of "INFERIOR FIVE" (Merry Man, Dumb Bunny, Awkwardman, The Blimp, White Feather)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 The Coming of the Costumed Incompetents 

When a mad scientist threatens Megalopolis, the police call the retired super-hero team, the Freedom Brigade. The heroes are far past their prime, so they outfit their children to become a new team of heroes in their place. The son of the Patriot and Lady Liberty becomes the 97-pound weakling Merryman. The daughter of Princess Power is airhead Dumb Bunny. The son of Mr. Might and the Mermaid is the clumsy Awkwardman. Captain Swift's son the Blimp can fly, but only at incredibly slow speed. Rounding out the group is the Bowman's son White Feather who is a coward. The new team takes the name the Inferior Five. They soon encounter a robot created by Dr. Gregory Gruesome, designed to steal a ruby for a death-ray. By accident, the team succeeds in beating the robot. Gruesome doesn't give up, attacking the five with his crime car. While they do battle, Gruesome's assistant Hermes steals the ruby.

Gruesome escapes from the heroes and is able to complete his death-ray. When the Inferior Five regroups and locates the scientist, he uses the death-ray against them. The beam reflects off a mirror, Dumb Bunny was using to touch-up her make-up. The deflected beam strikes Gruesome, who then surrenders.
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