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1st Appearance Challengers Of The Unknown

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February 1957
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  • 1st Appearance “CHALLENGERS of The UNKNOWN”
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 The Secret of the Sorcerer's Box! 

En route by plane to appear on the radio program "Heroes", Olympic wrestling champion Rocky Davis, master skin diver Prof Haley, circus daredevil Red Ryan and War hero and jet pilot Ace Morgan are caught in a storm and their plane crashes. Surviving the crash, the group agrees that they are living on borrowed time and that they should work together challenging the unknown as the Challengers of the Unknown.

After making headlines with their exploits, the Challengers are invited by the mysterious Mr. Morelian who offers them a million dollars if they succeed in opening Pandroa's box. Taking the box out to an uninhabited island, each member tries opening the box. Unleashing and stopping such terrors as a giant stone warrior, a miniature sun and a whirling weaver, the Challengers defeat each challenge presented to them. After Morelian appears informing them that he knew of the dangers in the box, and that he set the Challengers to unleash them so that he can get the true prize of the box: a ring of immortality. However, when Morelian tries to fly away, his plane crashes and dies, the ring having been a dud. The Challengers leave the island, wondering where their next adventure will take them.
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