DC | Back To Showcase | December 1958 | Volume 1 | USA | 11 Owned
Adventures On Other Worlds. 1st Appearance of Adam Strange.

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Key Issue
Basic Information
December 1958
Comic Age
Cover Price
  • 1st Appearance of “ADAM STRANGE”
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Stories May contain spoliers
 Secret of the Eternal City 
Adam Strange is an archaeologist working in the country of Caramanga in South America. A tribe of hostile Incan villagers begin chasing Adam, but he manages to elude them when his body is struck by a strange beam of energy.

This energy ray, known as a Zeta-Beam instantly teleports Adam Strange twenty-five trillion miles through space to the planet of Rann. There, he meets the scientist Sardath. Sardath explains that the Zeta-Beam was initially a communication ray, but radiation altered it, transforming it into a teleportation beam. Adam learns that once the Zeta-Beam radiation wears off, he will be instantly teleported back to his point of origin. Adam spends a great deal of time with Sardath, and meets his daughter, Alanna. He learns the Rannian language, as well as a portion of Rann's violent history.

Some time later, a race of alien invaders known as the Eternals arrives on Rann in search of a rare mineral known as Vitatron. Adam Strange and Alanna journey to the city-state of Kamorak where they encounter the Eternals. Alanna believes that Vitatron can only be found in the mythical city of Samakand - a place that only appears once every twenty-five Rannian years.

Adam and Alanna go to Samakand and consult with some of the scientists within the city. They manage to bait the Eternals into following them, and the scientists use their advanced technology to trap the invaders inside of a fourth-dimensional prison.

A short time later, the Zeta-Beam radiation infecting Adam's body wears off, and he instantly teleports back to Earth. However, he has already developed a fondness for the alien world and it's denizens and wishes to return. Adam knows that the Zeta-Beam will strike the Earth again, so he begins calculating the exact location at which the beam will strike.
 The Planet and the Pendulum 
Adam Strange traces the path of the Zeta-Beam and intercepts it, instantly teleporting back to the planet, Rann. He arrives in a region called Vardana. A barbaric tribe of natives known as the Zoora discover Adam Strange and apprehend him. They bring him back to the Tower of Rainbow Doom, and subsequently transport him to Rann's sister-world, Anthorann.

While exploring Anthorann, Adam comes upon a downed Rannian space vessel. Inside are the scientist Sardath and his daughter, Alanna. Alanna tells Adam that they acquired their advanced technology from the scientists in the mythical city of Samakand. Using this technology, Sardath was able to construct and inter-stellar vessel and travel to Anthorann. He was hoping to find evidence of a lost Rannian colony. Adam asks him why his ship is disabled, and Sardath explains that an alien race from Moreen shot them down.

They soon learn that the lost Rannian colony is located within a domed city called New Ranagar. One of the denizens of New Ranagar invites the trio inside, but it isn't long before the Moreen invaders return.

An alien flying saucer produces a giant, bladed pendulum from the bottom of the craft and begins slicing away at New Ranagar's protective dome. Adam Strange finds a ray gun and jet pack inside of Sardath's ship and flies off to intercept the attacker. He manages to destroy the pendulum and drives the Moreen invaders away from Anthorann.

Shortly thereafter, the Zeta-Beam energy dissipates and Adam Strange once again appears back on Earth.
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Comic Cover for Showcase (#17)
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