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May 1982
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 What Peace There May Be in Silence 
The Swamp Thing has traveled to Limbo, North Carolina. He fights off a bear that had been preparing to strike down three hunters. But the hunters are equally startled by the Swamp Thing's appearance as much as the bear, and they turn their weapons on him. The weapons are meaningless to Swamp Thing, and he easily disarms the men.

Back in town, a man named Harry Kay rents a motel room and telephones his superior, Mister Grasp of the Sunderland Corporation. He tells him that Alec Holland has been sighted outside the town.

The Swamp Thing wanders on until he finds a man ready to kill his own daughter. He believes the young girl, Casey Clancy to be a witch. Swamp Thing tries to disarm the father, but the gun goes off, killing him.

Swamp Thing befriends Casey and begins walking her back to town. Some of the locals catch sight of him and become agitated. A street racer named Henderson, failing to see Swamp Thing standing in the middle of the road, nearly runs him down. Swampy smashes the car, but Henderson is propelled through the window and dies.

Later, Harry Kay makes another phone call to his employer. He has in his possession, a box containing a dismembered hand of the Swamp Thing. He tells Mister Grasp that Alec Holland is dying
 ...In Shadowed Depths 
Reverend David Foster is a Baptist preacher in a small town. He urges his congregation to donate as much money as he can to a proposed children's center project. One of his parishioners, Mama Balloo used to be a former voodoo cultist, but has since converted to Christianity.

Reverend Foster is not what he seems however. He is merely playing the roll of a preacher in order to use the church as a front for his heroin distribution ring. The Phantom Stranger approaches Foster and warns him of the path he is on. But Foster ignores him and continues to ply his trade.

Mama Balloo learns the truth about Foster and finds that he has been using her to move his drugs for him. She returns to her voodoo arts and conjures a swarm of cockroaches to attack Reverend Foster.
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