Marvel | Back To Power Man | February 1976 | Volume 1 | USA | 156 Owned

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February 1976
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp B25 - Captain America
  • 1st and ONLY Appearance "MR. FISH" (Mortimer Norris)
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 NO One LAUGHS at Mr. FISH! 

1st and ONLY Appearance "MR. FISH" (Mortimer Norris)
Luke Cage is working as a super-powered security guard for a trucking company when he hears a strange noise. As he moves toward the sound an explosion destroys some of the trucks he was guarding. “Sweet Jumping Christmas!” He was hired by a group of small trucking firms because they were being terrorized by Mr. Fish. Power Man sees someone fleeing the scene of the explosion and he races after them. After a couple mishaps and missteps he comes face to fin with the head of Maggia operations in this area of New York, Mr. Fish and his crew.

Luke battles Mr. Fish’s gang and then Mr. Fish knocks out Power Man with his special weapon. The men carry Luke Cage to an elevator of a half finished building where they plan to throw him off. When Luke’s taken to the 25th floor they tie him up before he wakes up. Mr. Fish tells Luke the story of how he became Mr. Fish. He was a small time crook until he was trying to steal a secret isotope. As he stole the isotope it entered his system causing extreme burning. Distraught he jumped in the East River and somehow remained alive, although severely changed. He emerged from the East River as a fish like creature, similar to the creature from the black lagoon.

In classic Luke Cage fashion he begs Mr. Fish to throw him off the building so that he doesn’t have to hear another boring story. The gang happily obliges Luke’s request but he is able to grab an I-beam on the way down. After another skirmish with Mr. Fish’s crew, Luke and Mr. Fish battle. In the climatic moment Mr. Fish grabs a steel beam and charges Luke. Luke darts out of the way and Mr. Fish’s momentum carries him off the building to his death.

This leaves Luke questioning why he’s doing this hero job, it isn’t for the money or fame.
- Ron C.
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Comic Cover for Power Man (#29)
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