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1st Appearance of Black Goliath

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April 1975
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #27 - The Black Widow
  • 1st Appearance of "BLACK GOLIATH" (William "Bill" Foster)
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 Among us Walks...BLACK GOLIATH! 

1st Appearance BLACK GOLIATH (William Foster)
Luke Cage and DW Griffith have taken the long bus ride from New York City to California to find Luke’s love interest Claire Temple. On a tip from the hotel clerk, Luke and D.W. head to the fairgrounds. While looking for Claire at the circus a trapeze artist gets tangled in his ropes. Even with rain and howling winds Luke Cage climbs up to help. The relentless wind cracks the telephone pole but Luke is able to throw his weight in the direction of the big top tent, breaking their fall. The aerialist, Luigi, is grateful for Luke’s help but his brother abruptly interrupts and leads him away. We find out a little later that they are actually part of the Circus of Crime and that they are the Great Gambonnos.

Driven to find Claire, Luke and DW continue to scour the circus looking for the lovely Miss Temple. When they spot her going into a tent Luke tells DW that he needs to handle this alone. Luke and Claire embrace but it’s a short-lived reunion. She tells him that she didn’t want him to follow her and she’s here with her husband! (insert dramatic music) We find out that Bill Foster is her ex-husband and that she feels some sense of loyalty to him. After they divorced Bill went to work at Stark Industries and was called in to help with Henry Pym giant size issues. Fascinated with Pym’s formula, Bill worked on improvements that minimized the side effects. Now Bill is trapped at 15 feet tall and happens to be behind you right now Luke. Goliath, Bill Foster, proceeds to punch and toss around Luke Cage but Power Man gets his shots in too.

When abruptly both men stop in the middle of their fight and stare lifelessly at the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster has used hypnotic powers to incapacitate two incredibly powerful men and plans to use them to expand his Circus of Crime. Add some evil laughter and a few splash pages of the Circus of Crime freaks and that’s the end of Power Man #24.
-Ron C.
This story is continued next issue...
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